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How to Get Secret Ending In Break In 2

Are you aiming to unlock the Secret Ending in Break In 2? If your answer is a resounding “YES,” you’re in the right place. Since the game developers introduced the coveted “You Win (Secret Ending Badge),” players have been on a quest to uncover this hidden conclusion.

Break In 2 offers multiple endings, but the Secret Ending is the one that truly piques players’ interest. In response to the clamor from players, the developers are gearing up for a significant update focusing on the “Secret Ending,” set to launch on September 24, 2023.

For those eager to learn the ins and outs of the Secret Ending, you’re in luck because we’ve got you covered. In this article, we’ll delve into the steps to attain the Secret Ending in Break In 2.

It’s important to note that the Secret Ending update hasn’t been released yet, so there’s no official method for obtaining it at the moment. However, we’ll share a couple of theories and predictions that may prove true once the update goes live.

Obtaining the Secret Ending in Break In 2

As mentioned earlier, there are currently no official methods to achieve the Secret Ending in Break In 2. We’ll update this post with the official method as soon as the update becomes available.

Theory 1:

One theory suggests that if you possess level 4 or 5 strength, you can find Scary Larry’s crowbar behind the dog house. This theory speculates that Scary Larry’s crowbar might be as powerful as or even stronger than Marry’s crowbar. In this scenario, players could potentially defeat Marry fully rather than leaving her with just half a heart. Many find this theory promising, and it has garnered support on platforms like YouTube, where it was shared by @Official_Acid620.

Theory 2:

Another theory, proposed by YouTuber TonyPlays, revolves around finding a crowbar near Twado’s house. Twado’s house is located outside the hidden base. According to this theory, when Scary Mary climbs the ladder and departs, players could awaken Scary Larry and embark on a quest to locate Scary Mary’s current whereabouts.

For those seeking a comprehensive guide on all the badges and how to acquire them in Break In 2, look no further:

Spring Cleaning Badge: To earn the Spring Cleaning badge, you must defeat all 50 enemies in the Boxing Ring Zone. Playing with friends or using a hammer as a weapon can make this task easier.

Reformed Badge: To obtain the Reformed badge, you need to trade with the annoying kid for his hat without resorting to violence. Find an item and offer it to the kid to acquire his hat peacefully.

Avoid Humiliation Badge: To secure the Avoid Humiliation badge, ensure that Scary Mary doesn’t laugh at you throughout the game. This entails having more than five fruits, free strength, free speed, Golden armor, and the best available weapon.

You Win (Secret Ending Badge): To claim the coveted Secret Ending Badge, you must find Scary Mary, wake her up, and stop her once. This will unlock the Secret Ending badge for you.

Pizza Party Badge: To attain the Pizza Party badge, first, reach level 4 Strength. Once you meet this requirement, open the Kitchen door and defeat the Pizza Boss. Your victory over the Pizza Boss will unlock the Pizza Party badge in Roblox Break In 2.

Family Bonding Badge: To acquire the Family Bonding badge, you’ll need someone in the adult role who can lift the Kitchen gate for you if you’re playing as a kid. Once the gate is open, you’ll earn the Family Bonding Badge in the game.

Uncle Pete’s Return Badge: For the Uncle Pete’s Return badge, search through the drawers in the kitchen and locate a Silver key. Keep in mind that only one person can obtain the Silver key in a server. After obtaining the key, proceed upstairs and free Uncle Pete. This will grant you the badge.

Wake Up Badge: To earn the Wake Up badge in Break In 2, you need to obtain Uncle Pete’s mouse. After unlocking Uncle Pete, interact with him, and he will present you with three quests. Complete these quests, and then interact with Uncle Pete again. You’ll require 3 Speed and either Blox Colas or Lollipops. Place the mouse in front of Bradley to unlock the Wake Up badge in Roblox Break-In 2.

Operation: Dog Rescue Badge: To secure the Operation: Dog Rescue badge, ensure your Agility level is 3 or higher. Once you reach this Agility level, proceed upstairs, take the papers off the bulletin board, and Twado will follow you. Twado’s favorite food is in the Green circle, which varies from server to server. Obtain his favorite food and head back to where Twado is located to earn this badge.

The Dream Team Badge: To obtain The Dream Team badge, you’ll need to have Twado, Bradley, and Uncle Pete in the same server. It’s easier to achieve if you play with friends, and once you have all three in the same server, the badge will be yours.

Expert Investigator Badge: To earn the Expert Investigator badge in Break In 2, you need to reach Agility level 3. After reaching this level, have Bloxy Cola or Lollipops in your inventory. Go to the location where Bradley is seated and arrange the connection. Completing this task will unlock the Expert Investigator badge.

Tool Time Badge: To attain the Tool Time badge in Break In 2, accumulate a substantial amount of money. Spend your earnings on the Weapon Vending Machine, which becomes available at Wave 2. You can amass money by completing Uncle Pete’s quests. Upon completing this process, you’ll obtain the Tool Time badge.

Delivery’s Here Badge: To secure the Delivery’s Here badge in Break In 2, ensure your Agility level is 4. Use the Hyper to reach this level faster. Once you achieve the required level, venture outside and collect four items. Make sure not to miss any of them, as any omissions will prevent you from obtaining the badge. Retrieve all four items without slipping on the ice, return to the base, and the Delivery’s Here badge will be yours.

So Speedy So Strong Badge: To acquire the So Speedy So Strong badge, use The Sporty for training boosts and reach level 5. Once you accomplish this, you’ll be granted the badge.

Discolored Pizza Badge: For the Discolored Pizza badge, head to the basement after Wave 3 with 200 Cash. There, you’ll find a Vending Machine with a key inside. Use your cash to obtain the key and pick up the Rainbow Pizza on the counter. This action will earn you the Discolored Pizza badge in Roblox Break In 2.

Color Coordinated Badge: Similar to the Discolored Pizza badge, access the basement area after Wave 3. Enter the room with the computers and arrange the correct combination to unlock the Color Coordinated badge.

Golden Apple Badge: To obtain the Golden Apple badge, you must be The Hyper and have training stats of 4+ Strength and 2+ Agility. Additionally, make sure you have Bloxy Cola and The Hammer. Wait for the door to open, exit the building, and break the logs at the end of the road to find the Golden Apple. Return it to the basement to earn the badge.

This guide should provide you with all the information you need to conquer the challenges and obtain all the badges available in Roblox Break-in 2. Good luck on your adventure!

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