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How to get Haki 1 in Haze Piece

In the game Haze Piece, players have the opportunity to acquire special fruits, each endowed with a distinct set of unique abilities. Among these, there exists the rare Devil Fruit referred to as the Logia Effect. This remarkable fruit grants players the power to transmute their bodies into specific natural elements, exercise control over them, and even gain immunity to conventional enemy attacks. However, countering a Logia user effectively requires the utilization of Haki, a special form of power. Haze Piece introduces three distinct types of Haki: Buso Haki, Observation Haki, and Conqueror’s Haki. This guide will lead you through the steps necessary to obtain all three forms of Haki.

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How to Attain All Haki Abilities in Haze Piece

In Haze Piece, you can acquire three unique types of Haki: Buso, Observation, and Conqueror’s Haki. Each of these Haki forms serves distinct purposes. Buso Haki enables you to harm Logia Devil Fruit users, even when they’ve transformed, Observation Haki grants the ability to evade damage, and Conqueror’s Haki asserts dominance over weaker adversaries. To obtain any of these Haki forms in Haze Piece, you must fulfill specific requirements. Here’s a breakdown of how to acquire Buso Haki, Observation Haki, and Conqueror’s Haki in the game.

Obtaining Buso Haki in Haze Piece

Buso Haki empowers you to inflict damage upon Logia Devil Fruit users and consists of two levels, each with its prerequisites.

1. Buso Haki Level 1 in Haze Piece: To unlock Buso Haki Level 1, you must amass a cash amount of $100,000 and reach level 350 in Haze Piece. Once you’ve met these criteria, proceed to Logue Town. Make your way to the tallest building in Logue Town to locate an NPC known as Old Man Silver, the Buso Trainer. Interact with him, and he’ll offer to unlock Buso Level 1 upon verifying that you meet the requirements. Buso Haki Level 1 enhances your Sword and Combat damage by +5%.

2. Buso Haki Level 2 in Haze Piece: To attain Buso Haki Level 2, you’ll need $250,000 in cash and maintain a Haze Piece level of 1150 or higher. Your next destination is Revolutionary Island. Starting from Logue Town is advisable. With Old Man Silver on your right, proceed straight ahead. You’ll encounter an island with towering trees on your left, and beyond that, you’ll find an island adorned with large rock pillars.

Upon reaching Revolutionary Island, seek out the Buso Level 2 Trainer. Once you locate this trainer, they will offer to unlock Haki Level 2 for $250,000, provided your Haze Piece level meets or exceeds 1150. Upon meeting these conditions and accepting the offer, you’ll obtain Buso Level 2 Haki, boosting your Sword and Combat damage by +7.5%.

Obtaining Observation Haki in Haze Piece

Observation Haki revolves around evading enemy attacks and also features two levels, each with specific requirements.

1. Observation Haki Level 1 in Haze Piece: To unlock the first level of Observation Haki, you must attain level 600 and possess a cash balance of $150,000. Commence your journey from the Marine Base Island, beyond Clown Island if you’re starting from the Starter Island. Upon arriving at the Marine Base Island, search for the individual marked as (Level 1) Observation Haki, who will be engaged in dancing. Interact with them, and if you meet the prerequisites, you’ll unlock Haki Level 1, granting you the ability to dodge attacks up to three times.

2. Observation Haki Level 2 in Haze Piece: After acquiring Observation Haki Level 1, you must reach level 1500 and have $200,000 in your Haze Piece account. Set sail for Bubble Island, which is located near Skull Island. To reach Bubble Island from the Starting Island, proceed straight past the Rocky Pillars, and you’ll notice a Sky Island above. Continue in that direction, and you’ll eventually spot Bubble Island on your right, characterized by its abundant large trees.

On Bubble Island, to the left of the yellow portal adjacent to a house, you’ll encounter the (Level 2) Observation Haki NPC, who is also engaged in dancing. Engage in conversation with this NPC, and once you’ve fulfilled the specified conditions, you can unlock Observation Haki Level 2, which provides the capability to dodge attacks up to five times.

Obtaining Conqueror’s Haki in Haze Piece

To acquire Conqueror’s Haki, also known as Conqueror’s Spirit in Haze Piece, there are currently two methods available, neither of which involves special trainers like Buso and Observation Haki. You can either rely on luck and hope to roll the D-Clan race when spinning, which carries a mere 0.1% chance of success, or you can purchase it using Robux for 2,499 Robux.

Conqueror’s Spirit is exclusive to the D-Clan race and is the only race endowed with this unique Haki ability. If you belong to another race and aspire to wield Conqueror’s Haki in Haze Piece, you’ll need to invest in it using Robux. Your options include accumulating numerous race spins through Robux or adopting a more time-consuming approach by going AFK for extended periods. You can choose between the quick route of payment or the lengthier path reliant on luck.

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