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How to Find the Best Weapons in Grand Theft Auto Online

Incorporating the best weapons available in GTA Online into your weaponry will undoubtedly grant you a competitive advantage in combat scenarios. Whether engaged in missions or navigating the streets of Los Santos, where potential shootouts lurk, arming yourself with top-tier firearms can bolster your ability to tackle hordes of enemy NPCs during missions and to stand resolute against adversaries encountered in multiplayer matches and other PvP engagements within the realm of GTA Online.

Given the extensive array of armaments at your disposal, staying abreast of the options can be a challenge, ensuring that you possess the optimal gear to safeguard the assets of your criminal domain. By adhering to the following recommendations for the paramount GTA Online weapons, you’ll construct a robust loadout ready to confront the multitude of firefights that lie ahead.

Procuring Weapons in GTA Online

A visit to your nearby Ammu-Nation reveals a broad assortment of weapons for your consideration. However, bear in mind that various weapons unlock at different progression levels. Consult our guide on expediting your progress in GTA Online if you desire access to superior firearms attainable at higher ranks. Ammu-Nation also extends an array of customization options for your weaponry, encompassing optics, attachments, and vibrant skins. Nevertheless, these enhancements come at a considerable GTA$ cost, exceeding the original weapon’s value for a handful of alterations.

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Furthermore, you now have the option to purchase weapons from the GTA Online Gun Van, which shifts location daily. Consequently, tracking down this mobile armory is a prerequisite for exploring its inventory. Despite the more limited selection, the clandestine nature of this vendor eliminates rank and unlock requisites, rendering it worthwhile to monitor their offerings for early access to some of the most exceptional GTA Online weapons.

Optimal Weapon Loadouts for Player vs. Player Confrontations

Although a universally endorsed “best loadout” remains absent within the community, several favorites warrant pursuit for those seeking a starting point. This loadout excels in engaging other players and can also prove effective in missions:

  • Mk II Heavy Revolver (Hollow Point rounds)
  • Combat MG Mk II
  • Special Carbine (Drum Magazine)
  • Heavy Sniper Mk II (Explosive Rounds)
  • Pump Shotgun Mk II (Explosive Rounds)
  • Sticky Bomb

Exercise caution, as this configuration boasts lethal potential. Reserve the Combat MG and Special Carbine as your primary tools, with the remaining weapons serving specialized roles.

Explosive Innovations

Los Santos houses an assortment of handheld throwable explosives, each suitable for distinct scenarios such as building breaches or race engagements. Among these, the Sticky Bomb garners widespread acclaim for its efficacy in both gunfights and missions, despite opinions characterizing it as overpowering. Unlockable upon reaching rank 19, this explosive necessitates post-throw detonation.

Trusty Sidearm

The AP Pistol, accessible at rank 33, reigns as a consistently reliable weapon. Possessing potency, accuracy, and suitability for vehicular drive-bys, it remains a staple choice for many players. While alternatives exist, its effectiveness often leads players to maintain loyalty due to its capacity to disable vehicles with remarkable efficiency. Though subject to modifications over time, its reliability endures.

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Versatile Mainstay

In the realm of online shooters, the assault rifle commonly assumes the role of a versatile, all-purpose firearm. GTA Online boasts an assortment of options akin to assault rifles that blend adaptability, firepower, and user-friendliness. Recommended selections include the Advanced Rifle (unlockable at rank 70) or the Special Carbine (accessible at rank 1). The Advanced Rifle, distinguished by its lethal impact at short to medium range, sacrifices some accuracy. Conversely, the Special Carbine excels in headshots. While you depend heavily on your assault rifle until discovering your preferred weapon, the Special Carbine garners widespread endorsement.

High-Impact Innovations

The Up-n-Atomizer warrants special attention as a futuristic weapon emitting an energy beam capable of propelling individuals and vehicles upon impact. While its damage output might not be astronomical, its utility in launching foes over precipices or sending cars airborne is undeniable. Remarkably, it operates without ammunition consumption, necessitating only brief interludes for recharging between shots. Though no longer purchasable from Ammu-Nation, the Up-n-Atomizer remains attainable through an Agency business equipped with an Armory.

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Unveiling the most potent weaponry within GTA Online requires a combination of strategic decision-making and exploration. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you locate and utilize the best weapons available:

  1. Ammu-Nation Visits: Your initial source for weapons is Ammu-Nation, the in-game store specializing in firearms and ammunition. Regularly check in with Ammu-Nation to explore their diverse weapon selection. Keep in mind that certain weapons become accessible as you progress through the ranks, so leveling up is essential.
  2. Rank Progression: Many of the game’s best weapons are unlocked as you climb the ranks. Engage in various activities, complete missions, and participate in events to earn experience points and advance your rank. As you reach higher ranks, more advanced weaponry will become available for purchase.
  3. Gun Van Locations: The Gun Van is a mobile armory that relocates daily across Los Santos. Tracking down the Gun Van and examining its inventory can lead to the discovery of unique and powerful weapons that might not be accessible through conventional means.
  4. Mission Rewards and Heists: Engage in missions and heists throughout the game to potentially receive powerful weapons as rewards. Successfully completing challenging missions and heists can grant you access to rare and high-grade firearms.
  5. Contact Missions: Various in-game characters offer contact missions that, when completed, can yield weapon unlocks or valuable cash rewards. Pay attention to these mission opportunities as they arise.
  6. VIP/CEO/MC Businesses: By becoming a VIP, CEO, or Motorcycle Club President, you can access special missions and activities that offer the chance to earn substantial cash rewards. These funds can be invested in purchasing top-tier weapons.
  7. Arena War: Participate in Arena War events to earn Arena Points, which can be exchanged for unique weaponry and modifications. Arena War provides an avenue to acquire specialized and powerful armaments.
  8. Special Events and Promotions: Rockstar Games regularly introduces special events and promotions within GTA Online. These events might provide opportunities to acquire exclusive weapons, discounts, or limited-time offers on premium firearms.
  9. Completing Achievements: Accomplishing specific in-game achievements can sometimes result in the unlocking of rare weapons. Thoroughly explore the game’s achievement system to identify potential weapon rewards.
  10. Gunrunning and Bunker Business: Invest in Gunrunning and Bunker businesses to unlock access to manufacturing and upgrading unique weapons. Participating in these operations can grant you access to cutting-edge firearms.
  11. Weapon Customization: Enhance your weapons by visiting Ammu-Nation. Customization options include attachments, optics, and skins, which can elevate your weapon’s performance and aesthetics. Keep in mind that customization can be expensive, so manage your funds wisely.
  12. Community Recommendations: Engage with the GTA Online community to gather insights into the best weapons based on their experiences and preferences. Online forums, social media platforms, and gaming communities can provide valuable recommendations.

By combining these strategies and staying vigilant in your pursuit of the best weapons, you can fortify your arsenal and increase your combat effectiveness within the expansive world of GTA Online.

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