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How to crawl in Minecraft 1.20.30

Walking typically constitutes the primary mode of transportation in the Minecraft world. However, for those seeking to explore more confined spaces, mastering the art of crawling becomes essential.

Crawling has existed in various forms in Minecraft versions for some time. With the release of the 1.20.30 update, it has become a fully integrated feature that players can utilize. However, initiating crawling isn’t as straightforward as pressing a button, so a bit of guidance may be needed to grasp this newfound capability.

how exactly can you make your character crawl in Minecraft?

To initiate crawling in Minecraft, approach a space that is only one block in height and place a trapdoor adjacent to it. Ensure that the trapdoor is positioned in such a way that you can open it and stand on the block underneath it while also enclosing yourself within it.

Placing the trapdoor may require some precision, so it might take a few attempts to get it just right. However, if necessary, you can easily break and reposition the trapdoor to try again.

After you’ve placed the trapdoor, click on it to open it. This should move it out of your way, allowing you to step onto the same block as the trapdoor.

Now that you’re standing on the same block, click the trapdoor to close it. If you’ve positioned it correctly, your character will assume the crawling position. You will remain in this position as long as you continue to navigate through one-block-high spaces.

While some of the features introduced in the 1.20.30 update are not yet available in the Java version of the game, it is expected that they will be added in the future. Crawling using a trapdoor has been a feature in Java Minecraft for some time. The 1.20.30 update brought the Bedrock version in line with Java, allowing players to crawl in any version of Minecraft by following this procedure.

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