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How to Configure Parental Controls on Your PS5

In today’s digital age, children are becoming increasingly tech-savvy from a very young age. However, as a responsible parent, you might not be comfortable with the idea of your kids spending unrestricted time in front of a PS5. Thankfully, Sony has integrated parental control features directly into the console’s software, offering you the means to set up safeguards. These controls can be used in conjunction with user profiles to establish restrictions on your children’s activities, from gaming time to in-game purchases.

These parental controls encompass a wide range of options, such as defining the number of hours your child can engage in gaming and how much they can spend on in-game items. The setup process revolves around the user accounts configured on your console and can be managed both on the web and the PS5, although the creation of new child accounts is primarily done through the web.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to set up parental controls on the web:

  1. Begin by informing Sony about your family members to start enforcing restrictions on the family’s PS5. Assuming you already have a PlayStation Network (PSN) account:
    • Go to your Account Management page via a web browser.
    • Click on Family Management, then Set Up Now, and finally, Add a Child.
    • You will need to provide your child’s date of birth, an email address, and a password so they can sign in to the PS5.
  2. Following this, you’ll be presented with a series of parental control settings that will be applied to your child’s account, covering their access to games, VR features, and websites on the PS5.
    • Click on Age Level for PS5 games to set a new age restriction level (usually calculated based on the provided date of birth).
    • If you have a virtual reality headset, select Use of PS VR2 and PS VR. Opt for “Restrict” to ensure your child can’t use these devices without your permission.
    • Click on Web Browsing and choose “Restrict” to prevent games and chats from opening web links without your approval when your child is using the PS5.
    • Confirm your choices.

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  3. The process involves another set of settings to configure:
    • Select “Communication and User-Generated Content” and set it to “Restrict” to disable features like voice chat, sending and receiving messages, and sharing screenshots.
    • Define a “Monthly Spending Limit” to restrict the amount your child can spend through the PS5; the options range from zero to unlimited.
    • Click on “Age Level for PS5 games” to set a new age restriction level based on your child’s date of birth.
    • If you have a virtual reality headset, go to “Use of PS VR2 and PS VR” and select “Restrict” to maintain control over their usage.
    • For web browsing, select “Restrict” to prevent web links from opening during gaming or chats without your consent.
    • Confirm your choices.
  4. There’s another set of settings to consider:
    • Choose “Communication and User-Generated Content” and set it to “Restrict” to block voice chat, message exchange, and screenshot sharing.
    • Utilize “Monthly Spending Limit” to set financial restrictions.
    • Use “Change Playtime for Today” to manage your child’s gaming time.
    • Check “Allowed Games” to review any pending requests from your child regarding unblocked games or communication options.
    • Adjust the settings within “Parental Controls” to fine-tune previously configured restrictions.
  5. It’s advisable to protect your PSN account on the PS5 with a PIN code to prevent your child from altering parental control settings. You can set this up from the PS5 Settings screen: go to Users and Accounts, then Login Settings, and enable “Require a PS5 Login Passcode.”
  6. Whether you manage parental controls on the web or on the PS5 itself, the options are identical, so choose the method that suits you best. However, web-based management provides more insights into your child’s activities, including the ability to monitor privacy setting adjustments.

By following these steps, you can ensure that your child has a safe and responsible gaming experience on the PS5.

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