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How to Breed Punkleton in My Singing Monsters 2023

The Spooktacle Halloween Event has finally arrived, along with the renowned Seasonal Monster, Punkleton. This event spans from early October to the beginning of November, and in this guide, we will provide comprehensive information on breeding Punkleton during the Spooktacle Event of 2023. We will also explore the methods to breed Epic Punkleton and Rare Punkleton, so let’s dive right in!

Breeding Punkleton in My Singing Monsters for 2023

The beloved Punkleton creature can only be obtained during the Spooktacle season in My Singing Monsters. To breed Punkleton on Plant Island, you need to use the T-Rox and Bowgart monsters as breeding combinations. The typical breeding time for Punkleton is around 18 hours by default. There is an alternative method for breeding Punkleton on Seasonal Shanty Island, a teleporting island that houses all Seasonal monsters in one place. Once a Seasonal monster reaches level 15, it can be transported to this island.

While several other breeding combinations exist, which have been sourced from My Singing Monsters Wikia, it’s essential to note that any combination containing Punkleton may potentially result in failure, yielding a parent monster instead. These combinations include:

  • Punkleton + Viveine
  • Punkleton + Carillong
  • Punkleton + Gobbleygourd
  • Punkleton + Monculus
  • Punkleton + Ffidyll
  • Punkleton + Boo’qwurm
  • Punkleton + Clavavera
  • Punkleton + Spurrit

According to the list, the prevailing opinion suggests that the combination of Punkleton and Monculus is the most favorable due to its shorter waiting time, just in case you fail to obtain Punkleton.

Breeding Rare and Epic Punkleton in My Singing Monsters

For those unaware, Rare Punkleton was introduced in 2016 as part of Version 2.0.0. This Rare Punkleton can only be acquired during specific periods across all islands. Similar to the regular Punkleton, you can obtain Rare Punkleton by breeding T-Rox and Bowgart. However, the breeding time is slightly longer, lasting 1 day, 7 hours, and 45 minutes. Breeding Rare Punkelton on Seasonal Shanty Island follows the same procedure as breeding the standard Punkleton.

As for the Epic Punkleton, it is exclusively available for breeding during limited-time events. The Epic Punkleton has distinct breeding combinations on each island. It’s important to remember that breeding combinations may not always result in success, and there is no guarantee of producing an Epic Punkleton, but there is a slim possibility. Here are the combinations:

  • On Plant Island: Entbrat and Dumpler
  • On Seasonal Shanty Island: Schmoochle and Blabbit breeding combination

The Spooktacle event in My Singing Monsters is a truly enchanting time, offering much more than just the opportunity to breed Punkleton. You can explore various themed costumes, decorations, Spooktacle obstacles, and immerse yourself in a festive atmosphere. We hope you have a delightfully Spooktacular time!

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