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How To Beat Vortex In Bloons TD 6

Bloons TD 6 is a thrilling game pitting Monkeys against hordes of Bloons. In this latest installment, a new formidable adversary emerges, Vortex: the Deadly Master of Air. Unlike the previous two Bosses, Vortex doesn’t rely on sheer health or summoning Bloons from the deceased; it’s all about speed. Vortex has earned the nickname “Speedy Boi” for a good reason. If you underestimate it, you’re bound to lose. In this guide, I’ll show you how to conquer Vortex: the Deadly Master of Air in BTD 6.

Strategy to Overcome the Vortex Boss in BTD 6

As mentioned earlier, Vortex is the fastest Boss you’ll encounter in BTD 6. To emerge victorious, you must focus on efficient Farming, which is key in any Boss Battle. The more money you accumulate early in the game, the better your chances of defeating Vortex. Vortex is notably faster than other Boss Bloons and accelerates the Bloons and MOABs naturally spawned by 2.5 times. Additionally, its Skull ability periodically stuns all nearby Monkeys while spawning some Children Bloons.

This stunning effect recurs every 5 seconds, affecting all towers, even non-damaging ones like Banana Farms. Moreover, entities placed on the path, except for those set by Heroes or Powers, will be removed. Consequently, the most effective towers against Vortex are those with global range, such as Snipers and Dartling Gunners.

Monkeys like the Dartling Gunner, especially the M.A.D., and Sniper Monkey, particularly the Elite Defender, are your go-to choices. Until round 39, focus on accumulating substantial wealth through Farming. Once the first Vortex appears, position an Elite Defender on the side and sell it after defeating Vortex Tier 1. The same strategy applies to Tier 2, but you’ll want another tower, like the Ninja Master Bomber. For Tiers 3, 4, and 5, Paragons are a must.

The Apex Plasma Master is the most accessible for Tiers 3 and 4. To tackle Tier 5, you should invest in powerful towers like the Vengeful True Sun God, Navarch of the Seas, Apex Plasma Master, The Legend of the Night, and so on. This is your winning strategy against Vortex in BTD 6.

General Tips and Tricks for Vortex

• Vortex stuns your Monkeys, making Snipers a cost-effective defense option. • Monkey Subs with Advanced Intel can provide water-based defense. • Always prioritize Farming opportunities. • Farming can take various forms, such as Banana Farms, Trade Empire, and Elite Sniper. • Once you defeat a Vortex tier, sell your defense towers for less expensive ones and return to Farming. • Start building up your Monkeys for Paragons as early as possible. • Use Heroes like Benjamin the Code Monkey or Geraldo the Mystic Shopkeeper. • When you hit the Skull, Vortex is knocked back slightly, providing your Monkeys with more time to inflict damage. • Balance your strategy to maximize your earnings. • The Ninja Master Bomber can be your clutch tower, as its Sticky bomb cannot be nullified, offering a reliable source of damage in critical situations.

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