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How to Beat The End in Sonic Frontiers

It’s time to conclude the Sonic Frontiers adventure! The final showdown with the enigmatic boss known as “The End” awaits. Following your intense battle with Supreme, a pivotal cutscene triggers, marking the climax of The End’s story.

How to Defeat The End in Sonic Frontiers

If you initially opted for the Easy or Normal difficulty settings, you might wonder why you need a guide like this at all. This is because, in terms of gameplay action, the conclusion can be rather anticlimactic – you’ll mainly engage in a few Quick-Time Events (QTEs) while enjoying the unfolding narrative. However, if you’re up for a challenge and have selected the Hard difficulty setting, be prepared for a thrilling bullet-hell experience.

Initiating the Battle Against Supreme in Sonic Frontiers

Unlike most other boss encounters in Sonic Frontiers, confronting The End doesn’t require collecting Chaos Emeralds or navigating complex platforming sections. The battle commences immediately after your victory over the previous boss, Supreme.

The End – Strategies for Easy and Normal Modes

On Easy and Normal difficulty settings, the encounter with The End is relatively straightforward. The actual boss fight is minimal. Your primary task involves watching cutscenes and participating in a few brand-new Quick-Time Events. You’ll need to press the Square button when the indicator enters the blue zone. Repeat this process a few times, and then savor the conclusion of Sonic Frontiers.

The End – Strategies for Hard Mode

If you’ve chosen to face The End on the Hard difficulty setting (you can adjust this in the menus before your battle with Supreme, without needing to play the entire game on Hard), get ready for a genuinely challenging final boss encounter in Sonic Frontiers.

Prepare for an intense bullet hell experience, reminiscent of the hacking mini-games encountered earlier in the main storyline. Much like retro arcade shooters or the hacking mini-games from NieR Automata, you’ll take control of Super Sonic. Your objective is to evade a relentless barrage of projectiles while targeting and attacking The End, the formidable planetoid adversary.

Here’s the key: do your best to dodge incoming attacks while charging your special attack, which can be unleashed with the R2 button. It’s often wise to reserve this special move for critical situations, as activating R2 can help you deflect incoming projectiles. Use it judiciously.

As with previous battles of this type in the game, adopting an Ikaruga-style approach, you can switch between white and black attacks to render yourself impervious to projectiles of the same color. However, mere survival won’t suffice. Remember to continually target The End to deplete its energy bar within a reasonable timeframe.

While the boss isn’t overwhelmingly challenging, it may take a few attempts to get into the rhythm of the battle. Once you successfully navigate this segment, the same Quick-Time Event sequences from the Easy/Normal version will follow. Once completed, relish the conclusion of Sonic Frontiers’ story, accompanied by the credits and a few additional scenes. Enjoy the moment – you’ve certainly earned it!

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