how to beat residence massacre

How To Beat Residence Massacre

Unsure about how to emerge victorious in Residence Massacre? Preparing in advance and surviving the night until the clock strikes 6 AM is the key.

Residence Massacre is a spine-tingling Roblox horror game, entirely set within a house and its garden. Despite being relatively short, the game can be completed within 15 minutes if you manage to conquer it on your first try. Take some time before sunset to ready yourself for the night of terror by collecting essential items that will aid in your survival. Once night falls, your objective is to evade the menacing creature lurking outside…

Strategies to Triumph in Residence Massacre

Let’s delve deeper into this Roblox horror game. First and foremost, you must prepare for the impending night. You have until sunset to get everything in order. Enter the house and explore to locate items that might prove invaluable once darkness descends.

Pre-Sunset Preparations…

Illuminate the Darkness!

Similar to many horror games, a flashlight is a necessity. You’ll need to scour the house to find this crucial item, which will undoubtedly be your lifeline. While exploring the house, don’t forget to activate all available light switches. Without giving away too much, there’s something outside that despises light, so keeping it illuminated is your best defense.

Additionally, ensure you pick up spare batteries for your flashlight to guarantee it functions throughout the entire night. You certainly don’t want to find yourself shrouded in darkness.

Cameras and Wooden Barriers

What’s a horror game set in a house without surveillance cameras? You can strategically place cameras in different rooms, which you can then monitor using the computer upstairs. It’s advisable to keep a close eye on these cameras during the night; you never know what unsettling sights you might capture.

While you’re upstairs, you’ll come across a stack of wooden planks. Grab these and head to a window to construct barricades – you can do this for all the windows in the house. Keep in mind that you can only carry three wooden planks at a time, but you can use all of them on a single window.

When Darkness Falls…

Generator and Fuse Box

Fuse boxes are a common fixture in horror games, so you might be familiar with them. Even if you’ve diligently turned on all the lights in preparation for the night, they can be just as easily turned off. If you notice that the lights have gone out, you’ll need to venture to the rear of the house to repair the fuse box.

Speaking of electrical systems, the generator must remain operational throughout the night to ensure proper ventilation in the house. If you discover that the generator has depleted its fuel, you must quickly venture outside to refuel it, lest you face grave peril.

The Enigmatic Creature

As previously mentioned, the creature abhors light, which is why it’s advisable to keep all indoor lights on whenever possible. However, if the lights are extinguished, you may not have enough time to fix the fuse box before encountering the creature. Fortunately, you can use your flashlight to deter the creature’s attempts to enter through a window. Just be sure to stock up on ample batteries.

If a window boasts multiple wooden planks, it will take the creature longer to breach. But what if the creature manages to infiltrate the house successfully? You’ll be alerted by a resounding crash, resembling a window being shattered. Once this occurs, your flashlight won’t deter it any longer. The optimal approach to surviving the night if the creature gains entry is to hide in cupboards, move stealthily around the house to avoid it, and keep the lights on as much as possible.

When the clock strikes 6 AM, you’ll earn a badge, and you’ll have emerged victorious in Residence Massacre!

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