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How to beat Dreadbloon in BTD6

Bloons Tower Defense 6, often referred to as BTD6, stands as the sixth installment within the popular Bloons Tower Defense series, centering around the concept of Monkeys protecting their towers against relentless Bloons attacks. For many players, Dreadbloon emerges as a formidable adversary and a significant challenge within the game. But worry not, for this guide is designed to aid you in your quest to conquer Dreadbloon.

How to Triumph Over Dreadbloon in Bloons Tower Defense 6

Emerging victorious over Dreadbloon in Bloons Tower Defense 6 necessitates meticulous preparation and tackling this formidable boss through four distinct phases. A wise choice for your hero would be Benjamin, and adopting the bank strategy is recommended to maximize your income.

In contrast to most adversaries, defeating Dreadbloon requires the combination of multiple tower types. It’s crucial to select at least two towers with a strong track record in dealing with bosses, such as the Bomber and Tack Zone. Keep a vigilant eye on the Rock Bloons that are spawned by Dreadbloon. These Bloons share the same tower immunities as Dreadbloon and possess formidable health. Addressing them should be your initial priority, as they can prove to be more menacing than Dreadbloon. Fortunately, Primary Monkeys are capable of targeting them throughout the entire encounter.

The Formidable Challenge Posed by Dreadbloon in Bloons Tower Defense 6

Dreadbloon poses a considerable challenge in Bloons Tower Defense 6 due to a unique set of attributes. Although Dreadbloon possesses the lowest HP among all bosses, he is equipped with multiple Tower Class immunities, owing to his shields and a significant amount of direct damage resistance. This formidable combination renders him one of the most enduring bosses in the game. While he may appear insurmountable to newcomers, victory is indeed attainable. His immunities are structured in the following sequence:

  1. Primary
  2. Military
  3. Magic
  4. Support

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