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How to beat crazed tank

Battle Cats are causing chaos throughout the galaxy; create your very own army of feline warriors to bring them under control. Your mission: obliterate the enemy’s stronghold before they overpower you. This casual and entertaining game offers the chance to collect rare kitties and employs straightforward battle mechanics.

Here’s a tier list for assembling the ultimate lineup of Battle Cats to conquer the formidable Crazed Tank.

Battle Cats is not your typical tower defense game. Cats in this game possess unique traits, including Red, Floating, Black, Metal, Alien, Starred Aliens, Angel, Zombie, Aku, and Relic. These traits grant them special abilities over their trait-less counterparts.

Organization is Key: First and foremost, you’ll need a strong set of cats to take down the Crazed Tank, a challenging hurdle in the game that, once cleared, unlocks more levels. Your cats should be arranged in two lines: the front line acts as a meat shield, while the back line unleashes the damage.

Front Line Meatshields:

  • Macho Cat
  • Crazed Macho Cat
  • Metal Cat
  • Samba Cat
  • Wall Cat

Optional Alternatives:

  • Gato Amigo
  • Eraser Cat

Back Line Damage Dealers:

  • Bahamut Cat
  • Valkyrie Cat
  • Hacker Cat
  • Paris Cat

Power-ups like Sniper Cat and Speed-up can significantly aid your progress in the battle. The Cat CPU is also a valuable tool for base management and automated combat.

Facing the Crazed Tank Cat: This formidable boss cat boasts a staggering 3.2 million HP and is impervious to knockback from artillery attacks up to Dragon Cats. Your first lineup should consist entirely of meat shields. Continuously deploy your stallers, maintaining a balanced approach in the lane—neither advancing too rapidly nor retreating too far. Keep spamming stallers until Bahamut is ready, then stack 2-3 dragons and unleash Bahamut against the Crazed Tank Cat.

Beware of the gorilla wave that pushes your stacks, necessitating support fire units alongside Bahamut. Owls also possess sufficient power to push back the enemy advance. Time Bahamut’s charge and attack to coincide with their arrival at the front of the lane, just before reaching Bahamut.

Additional Tips:

  • Aim to stall as much as possible to reduce cooldowns and prolong the Crazed Tank’s arrival.
  • Bahamut Cat can withstand 2 knockbacks before succumbing; exploit this to your advantage.
  • Prevent the Tank Cat from nearing your base at all costs, as its area attack can obliterate it in a single blow.
  • Monitor your second row regularly; having another Bahamut or other key units ready, especially if the current one falls, is crucial.
  • If Bahamut falls to the Tank Cat early in the battle, consider restarting to conserve energy and power-ups. This can occur if supporting enemies push your meatshields back, allowing the Tank Cat to close in and deliver a fatal blow.
  • Don’t lose hope if Tank Cat manages to eliminate Bahamut, particularly in the latter part of the match. With a substantial stack of Hackers and a Luga, you can thwart Tank Cat and other advancing foes from reaching your base.

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