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How to Beat Crazed Lizard Cat

“The Battle Cats” is a tower defense game that has gained immense popularity due to its eccentric characters and unconventional gameplay, particularly its cat-themed adversaries, with the Crazed Lizard Cat being one of the most formidable.

This formidable foe demands a strategic approach and precise execution for victory. If you find yourself struggling against this relentless reptilian feline, you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, we will provide essential tips and strategies for conquering the Crazed Lizard Cat in “The Battle Cats” and advancing on your path to triumph.

Defeating The Crazed Lizard Cat in “The Battle Cats”

The Crazed Lizard Cat appears initially in the “Mammals?” stage, which is the 8th Crazed Cat Stage, and these stages are only available to players once a month. To succeed in this endeavor, it’s crucial to prepare adequately.

While there isn’t a foolproof method for defeating the Crazed Lizard Cat, there are several tactics that can provide you with an advantage in battle:

  • The Crazed Lizard Cat’s main vulnerabilities are its low damage output and susceptibility to knockback. You should bring Cat Units with high damage outputs, knockback abilities, and long-range attacks to gain the upper hand.
  • Including Cat Units with high HP, like Jamiera Cat, is strongly recommended. They can endure longer in battle, allowing them to land more hits on the Crazed Lizard Cat before succumbing.
  • Cat Units with attacks that outdistance the Crazed Lizard Cat’s strikes, such as Cyberpunk Cat, should be part of your lineup.
  • Ensure that all your Cat Units are sufficiently leveled. It’s advisable to have them at levels ranging from 15 to 20 as a minimum.
  • Bringing at least three meatshield Cat Units to spam during the fight will help protect your heavy hitters and keep the enemies at bay.

Defeating the Crazed Lizard Cat in “The Battle Cats” is no easy task, but by employing these tactics on the battlefield, victory can be well within your reach.

Challenges Posed by The Crazed Lizard Cat

The Crazed Lizard Cat is often regarded as one of the most exasperating and spam-heavy adversaries in the Crazed Cat Stages. This reptilian juggernaut has earned its reputation as one of the most formidable foes in the game, and there are several reasons for this.

One primary reason for the Crazed Lizard Cat’s difficulty lies in its formidable health pool. While not as high as some other boss Cats in the game, it still boasts a robust 600,000 HP. This substantial health stat prevents early victories.

Furthermore, the Crazed Lizard Cat possesses an exceptionally long attack range. Maintaining distance from this adversary at all times is crucial for even a chance at defeating it.

In the Crazed Lizard Cat’s debut stage, multiple of these creatures are spawned simultaneously, leading to potential overwhelm. Focusing on one Crazed Lizard Cat is challenging enough; facing an entire army of them intensifies the difficulty.

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