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How To Beat Arlo In Pokémon GO – October 2023

Defeating Arlo in Pokémon GO for October 2023 can be quite a challenge, as he possesses seven different Shadow Pokémon. To triumph over him, Trainers need to assemble a trio of Pokémon capable of exploiting the weaknesses in his Pokémon lineup. The good news is that Arlo’s Pokémon roster remains unchanged from the previous month, so players can use their knowledge to their advantage, much like with Sierra and Cliff in Pokémon GO. Successfully defeating Arlo brings you one step closer to confronting Team GO Rocket Boss Giovanni.

Arlo’s Pokémon Team for October 2023 in Pokémon GO consists of:

  1. A Normal-type Aipom, which is the initial opponent for every Trainer.
  2. In the second wave, Arlo may deploy either the Psychic-type Alakazam, Ghost-type Mismagius, or the Water- and Dark-type Sharpedo.
  3. The third and final wave of Arlo’s Pokémon could include one of the three options: Normal-type Snorlax, Bug- and Steel-type Scizor, or Electric- and Steel-type Magnezone, as reported by PokemonGoHub.

The most effective Pokémon GO counters against Arlo in October 2023 are as follows:

  • To begin the battle against Leader Arlo, consider using either Machamp or Lucario. Both are Fighting-types, which exploit Aipom’s weakness. They also perform well in subsequent rounds against Sharpedo, Snorlax, and Magnezone.
  • After that, Tyranitar is a solid choice, except when facing Scizor due to Tyranitar’s vulnerability to Bug-types. Tyranitar counters Aipom, Alakazam, Mismagius, and Snorlax. If you’re fortunate, Tyranitar can be your primary choice throughout the entire battle.
  • Completing your trio of Pokémon, you should consider either Chandelure or Entei. Chandelure, a Fire- and Ghost-type Pokémon, excels against Alakazam, Mismagius, Scizor, and Magnezone. Alternatively, if you desire a potent Fire-type, Entei is a reliable option. Regardless of your team composition, as long as it includes any of the aforementioned Pokémon, you’ll be well-equipped to counter any of Leader Arlo’s seven Shadow Pokémon in Pokémon GO.

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