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How to Back up your Apple Watch

Your Apple Watch data is automatically backed up to the paired iPhone, ensuring seamless preservation without any manual intervention required as long as the two devices are in close proximity.

Upon unpairing your Apple Watch from the iPhone, a comprehensive backup is performed to the iPhone, safeguarding the most up-to-date data. This stored Apple Watch data can be utilized when restoring your Apple Watch or configuring a new one.

When you execute a backup of your iPhone to iCloud or your computer, it encompasses your Apple Watch data. Consequently, during the setup of a new iPhone using a backup, your most recent Apple Watch data is reinstated as well.

The contents of your Apple Watch backup encompass:

• Specific application data and settings for both native and third-party apps. For instance, configurations related to Maps, distance measurement, unit preferences, and settings associated with Mail, Calendar, Stocks, and Weather. • Arrangement of apps on the Home screen. • Configuration of clock faces, encompassing the currently selected watch face, any customizations made, and their order. • General system settings, including those for brightness, sound, and haptic feedback. • Health and Fitness data, comprising historical records, achievements, Workout and Activity calibration data originating from your Apple Watch, as well as user-entered information. Note that backing up Health and Fitness data necessitates the use of iCloud or an encrypted computer backup. • Notification preferences. • Playlists, albums, and mixes synced to your Apple Watch, alongside your Music settings. • The setting that dictates when Siri provides voice feedback. • Synced photo albums. To ascertain which album is synchronized, access the Apple Watch app, navigate to the My Watch tab, and select Photos > Sync Album. • Time zone settings.

Conversely, your Apple Watch backup does not encompass:

• Bluetooth pairings. • Credit or debit card details utilized for Apple Pay on your Apple Watch. • Passcode for your Apple Watch. • Messages.

In cases where Family Setup is employed for a family member’s Apple Watch, the backup mechanism differs. An Apple Watch managed for a family member is backed up directly to the family member’s iCloud account when connected to power and a Wi-Fi network. To disable iCloud backups for that watch, access the Settings app on the managed Apple Watch, go to [account name] > iCloud > iCloud Backups, and deactivate iCloud Backups.

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