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How to Acquiring Early Access to Starfield

The much-anticipated wait for Starfield is drawing to a close, with Bethesda’s expansive RPG slated to grace game store shelves on September 6th, 2023. Yet, for those who simply can’t bear the anticipation, a way exists to secure a sneak peek at Starfield ahead of schedule.

While the method outlined below is no secret in terms of its ability to grant you entry to Starfield five days before its official launch date, it’s possible you might not have come across this information yet. If you’re keen on discovering how to gain early access to Starfield, read on.

What is Starfield? For many, Starfield needs no introduction. However, in the event that you’ve been out of the loop in recent weeks or months, Starfield stands as one of the most eagerly awaited video game releases of 2023.

Labeling it as incredible would be an understatement. If you’ve marveled at open-world games, be prepared for Starfield, an open-universe escapade encompassing over a thousand distinct planets to explore throughout the galaxy. Originally set for a 2022 launch, Starfield faced delays that extended over a year, finally preparing to grace Xbox Series consoles and Windows-based PCs on September 6th. But what if you’re one of the many devoted fans who can’t bear the wait until then? How does September 1st sound?

Early Access Channels for Starfield The prospect of experiencing Starfield five days ahead of schedule does come with a price tag. The lone route to accessing it before its official release is to pre-order a special edition. Fortunately, there are choices available to you.

To secure early access to Starfield, you must purchase one of the following editions:

  1. Starfield Premium Edition — exclusively digital ($99.99).
  2. Starfield Premium Edition Upgrade ($34.99).
  3. Starfield Constellation Edition ($299.99).

Each of these offers carries a substantial cost, but they also come with an array of additional features. Regrettably, the Constellation Edition is a bit elusive, as pre-orders swiftly sold out in most locations shortly after its announcement. However, both the Premium Edition and Premium Edition Upgrade remain accessible via the Xbox website.

Starfield Direct | New Starfield Screenshots and Gameplay Info

A critical point to consider before making your decision is that Starfield will be available on Game Pass on its release day. Therefore, if you’re already a Game Pass subscriber, the Premium Edition Upgrade might be your preferred option. This way, you can access the game early, enjoy the story expansion, skins, and other perks, all while continuing to relish the game through Game Pass. And if you’re yet to embrace Xbox Game Pass but wish to partake in remarkable titles like Starfield on launch day, you can conveniently manage your subscriptions from your Xbox Series X|S console.

Preordering Starfield: A Step-by-Step Guide Navigating the Xbox website proves to be user-friendly, ensuring that preordering your selected Starfield special edition takes only a matter of minutes. Initiate the process by visiting and logging in using your Microsoft account. Should you intend to acquire the Starfield Premium Upgrade and you’re a Game Pass member, ensure that you sign in and make your purchase using the same account linked to Game Pass.

Embarking on Exploration: September 1st The wait for Starfield has been nothing short of protracted, particularly following the series of delays. Yet, as disheartening as delays can be, they often translate into a superior end product for players. And that’s always a positive outcome.

Starfield Direct | New Starfield Screenshots and Gameplay Info

Admittedly, you won’t be able to indulge in Starfield months or even weeks in advance. However, securing access five days ahead is undoubtedly preferable to waiting until the official release. Moreover, the bragging rights alone make preordering the premium editions of this highly anticipated title well worth the investment.

Initially slated for release on November 11, 2022, Starfield experienced a postponement in May 2022, as Bethesda aimed to ensure players received meticulously polished versions of their games. Anticipation for a launch in the first half of 2023 followed, but the release date was once again pushed back, finally settling on an official September launch.

Cost of Starfield The price of gaming continues its upward trajectory, with major publishers like Sony, Activision, and Microsoft raising the standard game price to $70 USD, including Starfield. Thankfully, Microsoft has a tradition of adding its latest AAA titles to Xbox Game Pass from day one, and Starfield is confirmed as a day one addition.

Player Customization in Starfield: Ships and Weapons When it comes to selecting your spaceship in Starfield, you’re not restricted to a predetermined assortment of stock models. Instead, you’re given the role of your own ship designer, assembling your dream starfaring vessel from a variety of individual modules offered by different ship manufacturers. Furthermore, your ship’s appearance is intertwined with the modules you select, affecting its performance and attributes.

The creative potential extends to weaponry as well. Starfield introduces a weapon crafting system that enables players to modify and personalize their collection of space firearms. This system permits the customization of various aspects such as barrels, grips, optics, and muzzle attachments for weapons like submachine guns.

Character Creation, Skills, and Traits in Starfield Character creation in Starfield was unveiled during a gameplay reveal in 2022, followed by a more comprehensive demonstration in the Starfield Direct event of June 2023. The character creation process commences with the selection of a basic character template, followed by the customization of body shapes, skin tones, hairstyles, and an array of fine-tuning sliders.

Starfield Direct | New Starfield Screenshots and Gameplay Info

During character creation, players also pick a background for their character, reflecting their history. Background options include roles like combat medic, bouncer, professor, or homesteader, each linked to a set of three starting skills. These skills are familiar to Bethesda RPG enthusiasts, encompassing fields like medicine, lasers, persuasion, and bargaining.

For those seeking an even deeper roleplaying experience, Starfield offers a wide array of traits, a system recognizable from past Bethesda games. Traits grant advantages and disadvantages to your character. For example, the “Spaced” trait bolsters health and endurance in space but diminishes them on planetary surfaces. Notably, traits are not irreversible; they’re presented as challenges that can be resolved through side quests.

Several traits include:

  1. Dream Home: Ownership of a luxurious, customizable house on a tranquil planet, accompanied by a weekly 50,000 credit mortgage from GalBank.
  2. Hero Worshiped: Gaining the attention of an incessantly chatty “Adoring Fan” who bestows gifts, though proving impervious to permanent elimination.
  3. Kid Stuff: Parents who are alive and well, but demand an automatic 10% deduction from your earnings for support.

In summary, Starfield promises an exciting foray into the cosmos, with opportunities for early access, custom ship and weapon design, and intricate character development. The anticipation surrounding its release is set to culminate on September 6, 2023.

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