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How long is Alan Wake 2?

Alan Wake 2 immerses players not only in the role of the eponymous character, but also in that of an FBI agent named Saga Anderson. As the acclaimed author, Alan, returns to face an array of eerie and macabre events unfolding in Bright Falls, Saga’s investigation into these unsettling incidents takes center stage. If you’re curious about the time required to complete the campaign in Alan Wake 2, our guide on the game’s length has got you covered.

Our guide on Alan Wake 2’s game length provides insights into how long it takes to complete the game, encompassing both the hours you’ll spend if you focus solely on the main story objectives and those you’ll invest if you choose to tackle every puzzle and track down all the collectibles. We also outline the various chapters, accompanied by brief descriptions of what each chapter entails.

Alan Wake 2 Story Length

If you decide to concentrate exclusively on the primary objectives in Alan Wake 2, you can expect to finish the game in approximately 18 to 20 hours. It’s important to note, however, that Alan Wake 2 features two fully playable protagonists, each with their own narrative arc.

Saga’s story unfolds in familiar locations, including Bright Falls and Cauldron Lake, set in Washington. Her journey involves gathering evidence, deciphering clues, and profiling individuals of interest. Alan’s arc, on the other hand, revolves around his efforts to escape the Dark Place, a neo-noir setting reminiscent of New York City, complete with a crime detective theme. These two storylines intersect, as explained in the chapter list section.

Alan Wake 2 – 100% Completion Length

Alan Wake 2 boasts a plethora of collectibles and puzzles. Achieving 100% completion in Alan Wake 2 will take you roughly 25 to 30 hours. You’ll come across various types of collectibles while playing as Saga or Alan. Here are a few examples:

  • Alex Casey Lunchboxes (Saga): These are located in areas marked with colorful decorations, and they provide weapon upgrade materials.
  • Cult Stashes (Saga): These crates contain valuable items, but you’ll need to investigate clues and solve mathematical puzzles to access them.
  • Nursery Rhymes/Dolls (Saga): Clues from rhymes guide you in placing dolls in specific locations.
  • Manuscript Pages (Saga): Alan narrates these pages to Saga via voiceovers, and some are integral to progression.
  • Echoes (Alan): Playing as Alan, you must merge light and shadow orbs, unlocking background scenes.
  • Words of Power (Alan): Shining your flashlight at walls can reveal arrows pointing to these glyphs, which grant perk points.

Alan Wake 2 Full Chapter List

Alan Wake 2 introduces a mechanic that allows you to switch between Saga and Alan at certain points. This feature lets you experience the chapters of the other character, providing a change of pace or scenery. You can also opt to switch back to the previous character to continue their storyline. Consequently, the game’s narrative is not entirely linear.

Additionally, some of these segments are notably longer than others, as they require you to explore entire areas. In contrast, others are relatively short, involving visits to specific locations to examine objects or watch cutscenes. The game commences with a prologue and is structured into Return chapters and Initiation chapters.

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