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How Long Does It Take To Beat Dead Space Remake

The release of Dead Space Remake has been met with enthusiasm from both long-time fans and newcomers alike. This reimagining of the classic horror game brings spine-tingling moments to even the most experienced players, with lurking Necromorphs and a pervasive sense of unease at every turn. The remake has improved nearly every aspect of the original, promising hours of gameplay as you delve into the USG Ishimura.

But how many hours can you anticipate spending on this remarkable horror title? Well, that largely hinges on your individual playstyle. Dead Space offers ample opportunities for exploration, but you can also opt for a more streamlined experience. Thanks to data from HowLongToBeat, we can provide an estimate of how long it will take to complete the game.

With the Dead Space Remake’s inclusion on Xbox Game Pass starting on October 26th, we have updated this guide to incorporate a video detailing the October Game Pass update and have included relevant links to other Dead Space Remake guides. So, how long does it take to finish Dead Space Remake’s main story?

The primary campaign of Dead Space Remake is relatively concise. If you prefer to progress through the game without meticulously searching every room or engaging in side quests, you can anticipate spending approximately 12 hours with Dead Space Remake. This duration is sufficient to deliver a compelling narrative while keeping the tension high throughout. However, if you desire to explore more than just the primary storyline, we can offer an estimate of the additional time required.

What Is the Typical Duration for a Full Playthrough of Dead Space Remake?

For those who prefer a more leisurely pace and wish to tackle the occasional side quest, Dead Space Remake offers a rich experience in terms of world-building and uncovering the mysteries of the USG Ishimura. If you engage in these supplementary activities, you can expect to invest around 15 hours in Dead Space Remake. This extended time frame still allows for an engaging gaming experience. If, however, you find yourself craving even more content, we can also provide an estimate of the time required for that.

How Long Does It Take to Achieve 100% Completion in Dead Space Remake?

Should you aspire to unlock every additional suit, unveil every secret, and collect every item, you will find yourself dedicating a substantial amount of time to Dead Space Remake. How much time, precisely? It’s approximately 27 hours, significantly longer than merely completing the main story. But if you’re thoroughly enjoying the game, there’s ample content to savor, and pursuing full completion will even reward you with an alternate ending to the game.

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