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How Are Individuals Gaining Early Access to Marvel’s Spider-Man 2?

Spider-Man, Spider-Man, does whatever a Spider-Man can.” However, when it comes to Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, it appears that a select group of individuals have been swinging through the city well in advance of its official release date on October 20. This raises the question: how have people managed to play Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 before its scheduled launch?

There are several reasons behind the early access enjoyed by some. One common scenario is that they have received the game for review purposes. Game reviewers are often provided with copies of a game well ahead of its release to allow them sufficient time to play and, ideally, complete it. It’s important to note that leaking game footage or information before the embargo date (the date when reviewers are allowed to publish their reviews) is highly discouraged. Doing so could result in severe professional consequences for the reviewer and their affiliated publication. Publishers, such as Sony in this case, might also refrain from providing them with future review copies.

Occasionally, there have been instances where games journalists unintentionally began streaming an unreleased game. This could happen due to an accidental selection of the “stream” option instead of “record” on their recording setup. Notably, some footage from Spider-Man 2’s initial hour was circulating online, having been recorded from someone else’s unauthorized stream.

Piracy is not a prevalent issue on the PlayStation 5 platform, making it improbable for people to acquire pirated copies of Spider-Man 2. However, physical copies are typically sent out to retailers before the official release date, and it’s conceivable that someone might have breached the street date.

In contrast to games journalists, the general public is not bound by embargoes. Sony might attempt to enforce copyright claims against any early footage uploaded to YouTube, but unless the game was stolen, the owner of the game likely isn’t breaking any laws.

Many individuals, outside of their professional roles, have ordered games in advance and had them arrive up to several days before the official street date. This often occurs when purchasing from sources like eBay. While major retail chains like GameStop tend to adhere strictly to street dates, smaller retailers or resellers may be more lenient in distributing the game as soon as they obtain it.

In summary, those who have gained early access to Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 have typically done so either as reviewers or professionals covering the game, or through retailers or resellers who may have released the game before the official street date.

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