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Genshin Impact Tier List for August 2023: Top Characters in SS-Tier

Are you in search of a Genshin Impact tier list? With a current roster of 71 Genshin Impact characters, options abound for crafting your dream team. However, the myriad choices involving weapons, elementals, talents, ascensions, and constellations can make pinpointing your favorites a daunting task.

It’s important not to be dissuaded by the placement of characters on the Genshin Impact tier list when deciding whether to pull on the next character banner. While base statistics and elemental powers carry weight, a character’s value also hinges on personal play style, available weaponry and artifacts, and team arrangement. Even if your preferred Genshin Impact character resides in a lower tier, it’s possible to succeed with our suggested Genshin Impact builds. A lower tier position suggests that there might be more suitable alternatives or that a character requires specific fine-tuning or team dynamics to shine. Our exhaustive exploration of various team combinations in the Spiral Abyss has led us to determine the ultimate Genshin Impact characters.



The Genshin Impact 2.0 update ushered in Ayaka, the Cryo Sword wielder. With significant expectations surrounding this character, it’s safe to affirm that she has lived up to the hype. As a Cryo user, she readily triggers the Melt reaction when paired with Pyro characters. Ayaka excels in the DPS role and can also function as a sub-DPS if needed. Recently featured on the Genshin Impact 3.5 banners, Ayaka remains a top-tier character due to her compatibility with numerous roster members. With the optimal Ayaka build, it’s hard to find a superior Cryo DPS character on this list.


Hailing from Inazuma, Kazuha immediately captivated the Genshin Impact community with his remarkable versatility. Employing the finest Kazuha build, this Anemo Sword character wields substantial standalone damage potential. When integrated into a team configuration that leverages elemental reactions, the cumulative damage output becomes strikingly impressive.

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There was a fleeting period when Zhongli was perceived as underpowered due to Geo’s state at the time. However, this situation has long been rectified. Zhongli’s formidable Jade Shield empowers other characters to engage in combat without meticulously timing their attacks. Consequently, DPS characters can focus on dealing more damage and less on evasion. To ascertain the optimal construction for this defensive powerhouse, explore our Genshin Impact Zhongli build.

Hu Tao

Armed with a Polearm and Pyro prowess, Hu Tao turns exceedingly formidable with the right setup. Although she becomes mightier when her health dips below 50%, mastering a delicate combat equilibrium places her among the top DPS characters in Genshin Impact. Our Hu Tao build elucidates the prerequisites for crafting this Pyro dynamo.

Genshin Impact Hu Tao Char

Raiden Shogun

Upon her initial introduction, Raiden Shogun might have seemed lackluster due to Electro’s potency. However, players have since learned to extract maximum efficiency from her abilities, propelling her into the upper echelons of Genshin Impact characters. Her remarkable support capacity generates copious energy, rendering her integration into a variety of teams effortless. Not only does she effortlessly ascend to a top-tier DPS character, but the addition of the Dendro element has further enhanced her prowess.


Consensus holds that Yelan essentially represents a five-star equivalent of Xingqiu, who is widely recognized as one of the game’s finest characters. In comparison to several other five-star alternatives, Yelan requires less meticulous acquisition of ideal weapons and artifacts as she scales with HP. Implementing the prime Yelan build yields a stellar sub-DPS character, which, when paired with the ultimate Genshin Impact Yelan team, eases conquest over the Spiral Abyss’s most demanding levels.


Fulfilling the support role in most squads, Bennett confers a damage boost, healing capabilities, and the ability to deal damage when necessary. His popularity on the most challenging Spiral Abyss floors is warranted, as he embodies the ideal all-in-one character.


Ganyu’s status as a preeminent DPS character in Genshin Impact persists due to her Cryo aptitude, allowing seamless freezing of foes when paired with a Hydro character. She also boasts the unique capability to release diverse forms of Cryo arrows via charged attacks, including an AoE variant. Teamed with potent AoE elemental abilities, the optimal Genshin Impact Ganyu build continuously inflicts harm and frost on adversaries with minimal effort.


Although her Polearm might not deal the highest melee damage, Xiangling undeniably ranks among Genshin Impact’s finest Pyro characters. Her elemental skill summons an auto-targeting, fire-spewing teddy bear, while her elemental burst envelops her in fire for up to ten seconds. Xiangling’s robust abilities facilitate diverse team configurations – don’t be deceived by her four-star designation; she excels.


Yae Miko

Electro characters like Yae Miko have gained traction since the 3.0 update introduced Dendro. Electro-Dendro elemental reactions yield formidable power, transforming characters like Yae Miko into exemplars. Leveraging our premium Yae Miko build tailors her for the sub-DPS role, and her synergy with an Electro battery character propels her excellence.


Archon characters generally reign supreme, fueling anticipation for Nahida’s debut, as the community anticipated her immense might. Indeed, Nahida lives up to expectations, synergizing exceptionally with much of the Genshin Impact cast. The already synergistic Dendro class receives a significant boost from Nahida, who can supplant characters like the Traveler to swiftly enhance Dendro parties. Consult our finest Nahida build to assemble all the requisites for Dendro Archon domination.

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