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Genshin Impact: How to get Encounter Points

Encounter Points present a novel method for obtaining daily rewards within Genshin Impact, eliminating the need to complete four Daily Commissions to enjoy daily Primogems and Adventure EXP. This new feature offers a significant advantage, especially for players who are not fond of Daily Commissions or those on mobile devices struggling with combat tasks. Instead of relying solely on Daily Commissions, players can accumulate Encounter Points to secure these daily rewards.

Let’s delve into the details of Encounter Points in Genshin Impact:

Understanding Genshin Impact Encounter Points

Adventure Encounters introduce an alternative means of acquiring daily rewards in the game. Previously, Daily Commissions were the exclusive route to obtain these daily rewards, which typically involved brief combat engagements, NPC tasks, or challenges associated with red totems.

Now, with Adventure Encounters, players can earn Encounter Points instead. Alternatively, players can combine completing Daily Commissions with earning Encounter Points to maximize their daily rewards. Unlike Daily Commissions, which are considered complete upon finishing a single task, Encounter Points contribute toward four Stage Rewards. This means that players can earn their daily rewards by accomplishing several tasks, rather than the one-task format of Daily Commissions.

The distinction lies in the fact that Adventure Encounters consist of tasks that naturally align with regular gameplay in Genshin Impact, such as opening chests or completing quests. Consequently, Adventure Encounters are particularly appealing to players who wish to avoid daily combat challenges or the repetition of Daily Commission quests. Mobile device users who find combat more challenging compared to console and PC players can now bypass combat entirely while securing their daily rewards.

Should players earn all four Encounter Points in a day but still desire to partake in a daily commission questline, they have the flexibility to do so; however, they won’t receive any additional rewards from these commissions.

In terms of rewards, Adventure Encounters yield the same prizes as Daily Commissions, including an equivalent number of Primogems, Adventure EXP, Mora, and enhancement ore for each earned Encounter Point. The only difference lies in the method of claiming these rewards through the Adventurer’s Handbook under the Commissions section.

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Nevertheless, it’s worth noting that the process of claiming bonus daily rewards from Katheryne at an Adventurer’s Guild location may change in the future, as the instructions currently state, “at this time.”

Here are some key points to remember about Adventure Encounters:

  • Adventure Rank 35 or completion of the Archon Quest Chapter 2, Act 3 ‘Omnipresence Over Mortals’ is required to unlock Adventure Encounters.
  • Earning an Encounter Point contributes to your daily Battle Pass Daily Commissions task.
  • Encounter Points reset daily at your server’s designated reset time.

How to Obtain Encounter Points in Genshin Impact

To initiate the accumulation of Encounter Points, players must meet the prerequisites of being at least Adventure Rank 35 or having completed the Archon Quest Chapter 2, Act 3 ‘Omnipresence Over Mortals.’ Here’s a breakdown of how to earn Encounter Points in Genshin Impact:

  • Open chests.
  • Complete various quests, including Archon, Story, World, and Invitation quests.
  • Gather items like Oculi, Crimson Agates, Lumenspar, and Plumes of Purifying Light.
  • Participate in events and fulfill their objectives.

It’s essential to note that Encounter Points cannot be earned once you reach your daily limit, whether it’s four Encounter Points, four Daily Commissions, or a combination of both.

Notably, completing a task does not translate to earning a single point; instead, it contributes to the accumulation of an Encounter Point. For instance, collecting two Hydroculus yields one Encounter Point.

An exception to this rule appears to be quests, which provide varying degrees of progress toward an Encounter Point. The length and significance of a quest determine the amount of progression you’ll make toward Encounter Points. Archon Quests, being more substantial, yield more Encounter Points compared to shorter World Quests.

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In our testing, most tasks, excluding quests, granted half a point. We opened various chest types and gathered Hydroculus, receiving half a point for each task.

The Adventure Encounters system is best suited for passive utilization. Players can log in, enjoy Genshin Impact, and accumulate Encounter Points while engaging in tasks they naturally wish to complete, instead of focusing solely on farming Daily Commissions. Subsequently, they can consult their Adventurer’s Handbook to check if they need to undertake any additional activities to secure their daily rewards, provided they haven’t already completed them during regular gameplay.

Don’t forget to visit Katheryne at an Adventurer’s Guild to claim your bonus reward upon completing four daily commissions or accruing enough Encounter Points!

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