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Which suits are most suitable for Exoprimal? In Capcom‘s multiplayer dinosaur shooter, two teams engage in a race to complete objectives faster than their opponents, making each moment crucial. Our Exoprimal tier list, featuring the game’s finest suits, will equip you with the advantage needed to swiftly conquer stages, evading untimely demise at the jaws (and claws) of hungry raptors.

Exoprimal offers a diverse array of classes and Exosuits, but in the heat of the competitive gameplay, only the cream of the crop will suffice. Collaborating with allies can be invaluable, although navigating Exoprimal’s crossplay dynamics can be more intricate than anticipated.

In the realm of Exoprimal’s optimal suits, making a poor choice is hard to do. Every suit holds potential for devastation in the right circumstances; however, certain suits display greater adaptability than others. In a game where every second counts, possessing a character with consistency and versatility proves invaluable, overshadowing even the high damage potential of suits like Vigilant.

S-tier suits – Krieger, Nimbus, Deadeye, Barrage

The S-tier suits reign supreme among Exoprimal’s Exosuits, delivering substantial damage, healing, or crowd control with minimal exertion. If you seek domination across various in-game scenarios, these are the characters to select.


Krieger commands a top-tier position in Exoprimal’s suit lineup, excelling as a tank class. Armed with a formidable minigun, Krieger deals heavy suppressive fire across all ranges. Unlike other tanks that thrive in close-quarters combat (which can prove challenging within the current PvP meta), Krieger confidently engages opponents at any distance. Supplementing this firepower are remarkable abilities, encompassing a sizable dome shield for team protection and homing missiles capable of paralyzing foes. Krieger proves a formidable presence in both PvE and PvPvE segments of Dino Survival, striking a harmonious balance between tank and damage dealer that steers teams towards victory. And let’s not overlook the appeal of piloting a towering mech armed with a minigun. For those interested, our Exoprimal Krieger build guide offers assistance.

Exoprimal Tier List Krieger


Nimbus claims its position at the top of the Exoprimal tier list, reigning as the game’s premier healer. Sporting roller skates and dual-wield weapons, Nimbus boasts undeniable style. Its lofty ranking is attributed to the capacity to heal allies and assail enemies, achieved by toggling firing modes on its weapons, which also modify abilities. Nimbus’ Spreadshot ability showers targets with either healing or damage based on weapon mode upon activation. Whether urgent healing is needed or foes require elimination, Nimbus delivers. The same versatility extends to its Overdrive power, capable of healing allies and repelling enemies. Overall, Nimbus exhibits nimbleness, versatility, and lethality without necessitating excessive effort from the player. Refer to our Exoprimal Nimbus build guide for optimal setup.


Despite its foundational nature, Deadeye commands the pinnacle of Exoprimal’s tier list as one of the game’s most formidable damage dealers. Armed with an assault rifle, Deadeye adapts seamlessly to diverse scenarios encompassing PvE and PvP encounters. Deadeye’s strengths are accentuated by its abilities. The Rifle Grenade skill stands out, swiftly inflicting substantial damage with a brief cooldown. Deadeye’s Overdrive, Cluster Salvo, lives up to its name, unleashing multiple potent weapons to unleash overwhelming damage. Whether confronting formidable boss dinosaurs or vanquishing rival players, Deadeye holds unparalleled sway. Our Exoprimal Deadeye build guide presents an excellent setup.

Exoprimal Tier List Deadeye


Barrage ranks as the second prime damage dealer on Exoprimal’s tier list, predominantly due to its remarkable damage output. Armed with a trusty grenade launcher, Barrage requires more finesse than Deadeye, but in skilled hands, it becomes an unstoppable force. Barrage’s capabilities extend beyond immense damage, encompassing agility. Triple Threat mines ignite enemies and propel Barrage, while Flip Dodge utilizes explosive force for evasion. Stun Grenade bestows the power to stun adversaries, providing a strategic advantage. Barrage maintains relentless proximity to enemies, inflicting substantial damage as they scramble to evade the onslaught. Like Deadeye, Barrage excels in swiftly depleting boss dinosaur health bars or eliminating rival players.

Exoprimal Tier List Barrage

A-tier suits – Witchdoctor, Zephyr, Roadblock, Murasame

The A-tier suits possess comparable potency to their S-tier counterparts in Exoprimal’s tier list, requiring additional effort or situational finesse. While slightly more demanding, they are equally enjoyable and should not be dismissed.


Witchdoctor functions as a dedicated support, ensuring team survival against overwhelming odds while furnishing valuable utility via its primary weapon, the Neuro Rod. This staff inflicts continuous frontal cone damage and can paralyze dinosaurs, rendering them susceptible to damage dealers. However, the weapon’s lack of range poses a hindrance, particularly in PvPvE encounters where damage dealers swiftly neutralize Witchdoctor. Witchdoctor’s strengths lie in its abilities. Feed offers healing and boosts ally movement, with the added capability to drain enemies and impede their movement. Repair Leaps enables agile movement, valuable when caught off guard given Witchdoctor’s vulnerability. Notably, Rescue Field provides substantial healing across a wide area, potentially tipping the balance in skirmishes. Additionally, Witchdoctor’s Overdrive, Vital Aura, achieves full ally healing, heightened defense, and reduced enemy speed. For dependable healing, especially when supported by strong DPS characters, Witchdoctor stands out. Find detailed guidance in our Exoprimal Witchdoctor build guide.


Zephyr stands as an agile melee-focused damage dealer capable of inflicting significant damage with optimal positioning. While viable against dinosaurs, engaging human opponents can prove challenging, particularly without an aggressive team composition. Nevertheless, skilled players unlock Zephyr’s formidable potential.

Linear Strike attacks foes, dealing augmented damage upon collision with the environment or other enemies. Turbine Step facilitates swift evasions, while Sky High propels adversaries skyward, disrupting their rhythm and enabling team strikes. Zephyr’s Overdrive, Limiter Override, unleashes heightened damage with reduced cooldowns and a healing burst. Zephyr excels in close-quarters engagements, making it an ideal choice for those capable of diving into the thick of combat.


Roadblock epitomizes the quintessential tank in Exoprimal, boasting a shield, a taunt, and robust defense. In a world teeming with dinosaurs, Roadblock halts their advance and even leads charges with potent melee strikes and shield blasts.

However, Roadblock’s effectiveness can wane against human opponents or in team configurations lacking close-range damage dealers. Survival often hinges on the team’s cooperation, despite the ample shield and high health, given the role of absorbing damage on behalf of the team. When aligned with aggressive teammates like Barrage, Zephyr, or Witchdoctor, Roadblock thrives across PvE and PvPvE engagements.


Murasame emerges as the most intricate character, straddling the line between DPS and tank. While capable of substantial damage, Murasame demands finesse and skill, often struggling against human opponents akin to other melee characters.

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