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Everything You Need to Know about EA SPORTS FC 24 Ultimate Team

The EA SPORTS FC 24 iteration of Ultimate Team brings forth an exciting array of innovations. Among these is the groundbreaking feature of player evolution within your Club, the inclusion of women’s football athletes into the global sport, and the integration of requested features and enhancements from dedicated fan base. Let’s dive right in!

Player Evolutions

Ultimate Team Evolutions introduces a robust system that revolutionizes squad building and strategy. For the first time, players can enhance and personalize their Club members. This entails elevating the skills of cherished lower-rated players from any Club, as well as fine-tuning and customizing top-tier athletes by incorporating new skill moves, altering work rates, and enhancing weak foot capabilities, among other options.

Progressing through these player evolutions not only results in performance enhancements but also grants eye-catching visual upgrades that proudly showcase the player’s growth. This journey of evolution doesn’t conclude with a single advancement; players can undergo multiple evolutions throughout the year, culminating in exclusive player versions that are truly one-of-a-kind. With the integration of women’s leagues and player evolutions, this marks the year to construct your Ultimate Team masterpiece.

How Does it Function? What Constitutes an Evolution?

The process of upgrading and evolving players involves dedicating them to an evolution slot and accomplishing in-game challenges alongside the chosen player. Once these challenges are triumphantly completed, the player gains permanent upgrades.


It’s important to note that not all players are eligible for every evolution. Specific requirements must be met to determine which players can be enhanced. Examples include “Elevate any Silver Player” or “Enhance a left back with 3-star skill moves.”

A selection of evolution opportunities will be accessible to players each season, some requiring coins or a combination of coins and points. Similar to the equilibrium of enhancements available via Squad Building Challenges (SBCs), Objectives, and the Transfer Market, our goal is to maintain equilibrium in the evolution upgrade paths across the Ultimate Team ecosystem.


Every evolution is accompanied by a series of challenge levels to conquer. These challenges range from straightforward tasks like “Play 5 matches where you score with this player in your starting XI” to more demanding objectives such as “Win 10 Ultimate Team Championship matches with this player.” Completing all challenges within a level yields upgrades and unlocks further tiers of challenges.


Following the completion of each challenge level, players can claim upgrades. These upgrades span from overall stat enhancements (e.g., +5 OVR) to finely tuned attribute boosts (e.g., +5 Curve). Additionally, players can personalize and upgrade the following aspects:

  • Skill Moves
  • Work Rates
  • PlayStyles
  • Alternative Positions
  • Weak Foot

Furthermore, players can unlock new item visuals and animated backgrounds for their cherished athletes.

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Ongoing Evolution:

Our commitment is to keep the evolution process dynamic and continually refreshed. Throughout the season, more avenues for evolving your squad will be introduced. Certain evolutions might be time-limited, necessitating completion within specific windows. Stay tuned for further details on evolutions in upcoming in-depth Pitch Notes.

Can I Trade an Evolution Player on the Market?

Regrettably, once a player becomes part of an evolution, they become non-tradeable.

How Many Players Can Be Evolved Simultaneously?

You have the freedom to integrate numerous evolution players into your lineup; however, you can activate only one player for upgrading at any given time.

Can I Switch Between Players for Upgrading?

Flexibility is afforded in swapping between evolution players at will. Should you be advancing a Silver Player Evolution but opt not to include them in your Champs matches, you can readily switch to another evolution player within your primary squad.

What Happens to Progress If I Change My Focus?

Progress achieved with a specific player’s evolution remains saved. Upon resuming work on that player’s evolution, you’ll pick up right where you left off.

Can I Withdraw an Evolution Item?

Unfortunately, once a player is committed to an evolution, withdrawal or forfeit of the evolution is not possible.

Are Evolution Players Eligible for Squad Building Challenges (SBCs)?

Players in the process of evolution cannot be submitted for SBCs. Once a player’s item is fully upgraded and the evolution journey is finalized, they become eligible for SBCs.

Do Evolutions Have Time Restrictions?

Yes, evolutions can be subject to time limitations. If an evolution timer expires, earned upgrades from completed levels will be granted; however, pending or partially completed levels will not yield upgrades.

Can One Player Participate in Multiple Evolutions?

Indeed! As long as a player satisfies eligibility criteria, they can partake in multiple evolution slots. However, simultaneous participation in multiple slots is not permitted. Once a player completes their ongoing evolution, they can embark on a new evolution.

Is the Evolution Player a Duplicate of the Initial Item?

No, an evolution represents a distinct item category.

How Will I Identify the Player I’m Upgrading During Gameplay?

A visual indicator will be present above the player currently undergoing evolution.

With this detailed exposition, we hope to shed light on the exciting facets of EA SPORTS FC 24 Ultimate Team. Stay tuned for forthcoming Pitch Notes Deep Dive for further insights.

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