Endless Dungeon: How to Play Multiplayer

Endless Dungeon is the latest addition to the expansive Endless universe, meticulously crafted by Amplitude Studios. This vast realm hosts a diverse collection of strategy and roguelike games, with Endless Dungeon firmly falling into the latter category. It ingeniously melds a variety of gaming styles, with a pronounced emphasis on Tower Defense elements. Furthermore, it stands as an excellent choice for collaborative gameplay, accommodating numerous characters that can be managed by your comrades.

Multiplayer Dynamics in Endless Dungeon Endless Dungeon caters to a maximum of three players, each taking the reins of one of the eight available characters. Notably, not all characters are accessible from the outset, necessitating your progression to unlock them. The number of characters at your disposal hinges on both your individual progress and that of the host.

Endless Dungeon embodies a cooperative multiplayer experience. Here, the focus is not on pitting players against each other but rather on fostering collaboration to overcome formidable adversaries.

For those curious about crossplay in the context of Endless Dungeon, it’s only partially supported, with an in-depth exploration of this subject provided in a separate article, which can be accessed here.

Cooperative Gameplay in Endless Dungeon – Guidelines and Advancement • You have the option to either initiate a game or join one from the main menu. • If you join as a guest, you gain the ability to control your characters as well as those belonging to the host. • The host, in contrast, can exclusively govern characters they own. • You can make headway in quests for characters you have unlocked in your personal game. • Progress in the Saloon, weapon upgrades, and Crystal Bot enhancements is contingent upon the host’s advancement. • Both players collectively unlock new maps as they journey through the game. • To gain access to new heroes, you must venture into uncharted territories within your private lobby.

For a more comprehensive understanding of shared progression, the game developers have delved into this aspect in a dedicated post on Steam.

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