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Clash of Clans: How to beat the Revenant Royalty

After completing the Clan Capital challenge, we find ourselves once more immersed in the Halloween spirit with Clash of Clans’ ongoing October 2023 season. The game presents us with its second challenge, and it’s another spine-tingling base waiting to be three-starred. As avid Clash of Clans players prepare to tackle this fresh challenge, we’ve devised effective strategies to conquer Clash-O-Ween Challenge #2, also known as the Revenant Royalty Challenge within the game.

Introducing the Revenant Royalty Challenge in Clash of Clans

In this challenge, you’re up against a Town Hall 15 base that might initially appear deceptively simple due to its limited visible defenses. However, the twist lies in the abundance of concealed defenses and traps that will make this challenge a daunting task. But fret not, for you have the Barbarian King and Archer Queen donning their Halloween skins to assist you.

The reward structure for this challenge remains consistent with previous ones. Alongside the additional resources provided, players have the opportunity to earn 400 XP, 25 Gems, and 1x Hero Potion.

How to Triumph in the Revenant Royalty Challenge in Clash of Clans

Before launching your assault on this formidable base, it’s imperative to be cautious of the numerous traps, particularly the troublesome skeletons. To deal with this, the strategy involves baiting these traps out before commencing your primary attack. Begin by meticulously surveying the base and deploying your troops strategically to pinpoint trap locations.

Once you’ve scouted the base and gained insight into the trap placements, it’s time to put your plan into action. Initiate your assault by deploying wall breakers on three sides of the base: the bottom, left, and right. Keep a few wall breakers in reserve for later use. This tactical positioning effectively draws out the skeletons and any lurking witch troops, thus paving the way for a more successful attack, complemented by the deployment of the Poison spell.

Following the initial step of luring out the skeletons and witch troops, the next phase of your strategy involves positioning your heroes—the Barbarian King and Archer Queen—preferably in a corner, with the left side being a suitable choice. Allow a moment for the skeletons to approach the Barbarian King.

Once the skeletons have ventured close to the Barbarian King, unleash the Poison Spell to eliminate the opponent’s base troops. When the King and Queen shift towards the Tesla and Inferno on the left, employ the remaining wall breakers to breach the base’s interior.

Once the Hidden Tesla on the left side has been activated, unleash your Bat Spells in that direction. These spells will automatically seek out and neutralize any hidden Teslas, ensuring a smoother path for your assault. Simultaneously, as your Barbarian King approaches the town hall, trigger his special ability.

As the bats close in on the remaining Inferno Tower positioned on the right, deploy your Skeleton Spells to divert the Inferno Towers’ attention. Utilize your Archer Queen’s special ability as required when she approaches the Town Hall. At this point, you need not fret about the remainder of the base, and securing an effortless 3-star victory is within your grasp.

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