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Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile Launching Worldwide on March 21

Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile, a world-class, free-to-play title from the renowned Call of Duty franchise, is set to launch worldwide on March 21, 2024. Over the past year, the game has been in a Limited Release phase, during which developers have gathered invaluable feedback, fixed thousands of bugs, and optimized the game to ensure an exceptional gaming experience upon its global release.

The game will be available on both iOS and Android platforms, allowing players to bring Battle Royale and more with them wherever they go. At launch, players can deploy to two large-scale maps: the fan-favorite Verdansk and Rebirth Island. Additionally, various Multiplayer maps like Shipment and Shoot House will be available, offering players the flexibility to play how they want.

Warzone Mobile offers deep control and accessibility options, including controller support, for a highly customized mobile experience. It also introduces shared progression with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III and Call of Duty: Warzone, uniting players across the Call of Duty franchise in a new way for the first time.

Pre-registration for Warzone Mobile has been met with overwhelming support, surpassing 50 million pre-registrations. Players who pre-register will unlock several rewards including:

  • The Ghost “Condemned” Operator Skin
  • The M4 “Archfiend” and X12 “Prince of Hell” Weapon Blueprints
  • The “Foes Flame” Vinyl
  • The “Dark Familiar” Emblem

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One of the standout features of Warzone Mobile is its robust shared progression system with the console and PC versions of Warzone and Modern Warfare III. By logging in using their Activision ID, players can seamlessly transfer any content acquired in Modern Warfare III and Warzone between games.

Leveling up weapons to earn new Camos and Attachments is a core part of the Call of Duty experience. With shared weapon level progression, you can keep grinding away at Weapon XP both at home and on the go.

Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile offers shared Battle Pass progress with Modern Warfare III and Call of Duty: Warzone on both console and PC. This allows you to maximize your playtime to move through the tiers in more ways, and with more efficiently than ever before. Access your Battle Pass unlocks across platforms, including Operator Skins, Weapon Blueprints, Calling Cards, Emblems, Weapon Charms, and more.

Content from the BlackCell Battle Pass offering will also be accessible within Warzone Mobile.

All the Bundles you purchase and own already on Call of Duty: Warzone and Modern Warfare III, sansa small number of exclusive Bundles, will be available for use in Warzone Mobile and vice versa. Look for the ‘Connected’ tag on Bundles to confirm parity across all platforms.

Social features are also a key part of Warzone Mobile, helping players stay connected with their squad. These include a shared friends list, chat channels, and in-match social features like Proximity Chat and Death Chat.

Players can look forward to classic big map Battle Royale experiences with Verdansk and Rebirth Island. Verdansk supports matches for up to 120 players, while Rebirth Island offers non-stop action with Resurgence rules. In addition to Battle Royale, multiplayer support lets players experience classic Call of Duty action across several maps and modes.

A Suite of Classic Modes (Multiplayer)

A full complement of Modes also comes with Multiplayer, including the following:

  • Team Deathmatch: The foundation of first-person shooters. Use teamwork to eliminate the enemy players and reach the score limit.
  • Domination: Capture and hold up to three flags to gain points for your team.
  • Kill Confirmed: Collect Dog Tags from downed Operators, both friend and foe. Collecting enemy Dog Tags scores points for your team, while collecting friendly Dog Tags prevents the other team from scoring.
  • Search & Destroy: Teams take turns defending and destroying bomb sites. No respawns.

In addition, play Hardcore variants as well for an immersive gameplay experience featuring a limited HUD, friendly fire, less health, and other modifiers.

In the weeks leading up to and following the global release of Warzone Mobile, players can expect more news and updates, including a closer look at features like the Arsenal Store and mobile-exclusive content and Events. The game is being co-developed by multiple studios, including Activision Shanghai Studio, Beenox, Digital Legends, and Solid State Studios, demonstrating the collaborative effort to deliver this exciting new addition to the Call of Duty franchise.

Check the Call of Duty Blog regularly for more news and updates leading up to and after the global release of Warzone Mobile, including a closer look at features like the Arsenal Store and mobile-exclusive content and Events!

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