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Baldur’s Gate 3: How To Solve Wyrmway Puzzles

Hidden within the heart of Baldur’s Gate 3’s main city lies a guardian that has shielded the realm for countless ages. The responsibility now falls upon you to locate this being and potentially secure its assistance. Our comprehensive guide delves into the intricacies of the Baldur’s Gate 3 Wyrmway Puzzles and the enigmatic Legend of Ansur storyline. Be advised that this article contains spoilers.

Navigating Legend of Ansur and Wyrmway Puzzles in Baldur’s Gate 3

The Baldur’s Gate 3 Legend of Ansur and Wyrmway Puzzles form the climax of Wyll’s companion quest: Blade of Frontiers. Here’s a summary of our approach in our own campaign (as per Gamespot):

  • We rescued the Tieflings within the Druid Grove during Act 1. Opting to side with Minthara and the Goblins results in Wyll’s permanent departure.
  • We successfully saved Zariel’s Asset, Mizora, within the Mind Flayer Colony during Act 2. Mizora’s demise would ensnare Wyll in the fiery depths of Avernus.
  • Progressing to Act 3, we considered Mizora’s proposition and conducted the rescue of Duke Ravengard from Iron Throne prison.

In brief, the survival of Wyll and Mizora and the rescue of Wyll’s father, Duke Ravengard, are pivotal. Duke Ravengard imparts knowledge about the dragon, Ansur, and even presents a book to you.

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Solving the Legend of Ansur Book Puzzle

Upon perusing the Baldur’s Gate 3 Legend of Ansur book, you’ll uncover that the entrance to the Wyrmway resides in Wyrm’s Rock Prison. The riddle provides a clue: “With a lightning shock, a true hero’s spark flickers. The torches alight! And wyrm’s eyes shall awake aglitter!” Despite Gortash’s awareness of your intentions, several Flaming Fist soldiers guard the fortress. Your objective is to reach the prison by accessing the large room with a waypoint.

Within this room, you’ll find a staircase leading downward. A leftward path reveals a dead end adorned with two lanterns fashioned as dragon heads. Swiftly strike these with lightning spells (ensure both display blue flames concurrently). This action unveils a concealed passage.

The Wyrmway Puzzles and Trials

Finally reaching the Baldur’s Gate 3 Wyrmway dungeon, you encounter numerous trials. These are organized from the leftmost section to the right. Incorrect puzzle resolution results in a confrontation against undead adversaries.

Chamber of Justice

A shadowy figure dominates the center while wall paintings narrate the tale of a man caught stealing an apple. Your task is to pronounce a sentence fitting the crime.

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Solution: Employ Remove Curse on the shadow-shrouded paintings. Choose “The Cell,” place it in your inventory, and subsequently insert it into the vacant plinth.

Chamber of Insight

Three advisor figures are present, and beyond them, three books flutter. Your goal is to eliminate the advisor leading the city to ruin.

Solution: Shift to turn-based mode by selecting the hourglass button. Employ Hold Monster or a similar spell on the airborne books. They’ll fall, enabling you to peruse their contents. Identify the advisor with a darker, more sinister outlook, one advocating for devastation of defeated lands. Our target was Suelto (the leftmost shade), though your playthrough might vary.

Chamber of Strategy

A chess puzzle awaits, posing an initial challenge. Victory entails obliterating the black king’s piece within three moves. Our attempts were initially unsuccessful, partly due to an oversight regarding turn-based mode.

Solution: Swiftly cast a lightning spell on the black king piece for the fastest resolution.

Chamber of Courage

This is a combat encounter rather than a puzzle. Surviving four rounds against elementals and myrmidons is your aim. Utilize Thunderwave or similar spells to push enemies off the cliffside.4177811 baldurs gate 3 wyrmway puzzle ansur guide 2d

Defeating Ansur

Having completed the four Wyrmway puzzles in Baldur’s Gate 3, proceed to the main chamber to confront the decaying dragon Ansur. A cutscene occurs before and after this battle, with minimal details provided to prevent major revelations.

Here’s how to overcome the Baldur’s Gate 3 Ansur dragon boss:

  • Disperse your party members to prevent Ansur’s melee attack from affecting multiple characters post-cutscene.
  • Myrmidons emerge, casting damaging spells at your units.
  • Ansur accumulates Hoarding Energy, leading to a powerful arena-wide blast.
  • This nova activates on the subsequent turn, dealing substantial lightning damage (potentially mitigated). Thus, safeguarding against this spell is vital.

The most effective defense against Ansur’s magic blast is utilizing Gale or a character equipped with the Globe of Invulnerability spell. Set up the barrier, gathering your team within it to endure the explosion. Other ranged characters can continue damaging Ansur within the barrier.

Merely concealing yourself behind pillars or crystals is insufficient to deflect the blast. To benefit from the pillars, destroy them with attacks or spells to gain the Crystal Skin buff (elemental resistance). Although this reduces nova damage, if Ansur obliterates the crystals, you won’t receive the buff in time. Opting for Globe of Invulnerability is the straightforward means of ensuring party safety.

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Post-casting, press on with your offensive. Beware blue circles on the ground, as they indicate incoming lightning strikes. Eliminating Ansur while airborne earns the “Crash Landing” achievement.

Legendary Rewards

Upon defeating Ansur and gaining knowledge through a cutscene, the Baldur’s Gate 3 Wyrmway and Legend of Ansur objectives conclude. Your characters receive two legendary items, enhancing their capabilities.

  • Balduran’s Giantslayer: Deals 6-19 slashing damage; doubles damage from Strength modifier on hit; grants advantage on attacks against large, huge, and gargantuan creatures; +3 weapon enchantment.
  • Helm of Balduran: Heals +2 HP at each turn’s start; provides +1 bonus to AC and saving throws; wearer immune to stunning; attackers unable to land critical hits.

Equipped with these treasures, continue your journey to conquer the rest of the third act. Wyll’s Blade of Frontiers companion quest also finds closure, with the option of him becoming the new Grand Duke of Baldur’s Gate or pursuing another path entirely.

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