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Baldur’s Gate 3: How To Recruit Minsc

Baldur’s Gate 3 introduces players to the possibility of recruiting Minsc, a familiar character from the previous games, into their party. However, several prerequisites must be met to secure his allegiance. This guide, sourced from Gamespot, delves into the process of enlisting Minsc and his loyal hamster, Boo, in the later stages of the game. A word of caution: this article contains spoilers.

Acquiring Minsc’s Loyalty in Baldur’s Gate 3

The opportunity to bring Minsc into your team arises during the third act of the game. The following outlines our campaign progression leading to this point:

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  • During Act 2, we made a point to recruit and safeguard Jaheira. As Act 3 commences, she presents us with The High Harper companion quest.
  • As you advance through the game, fulfill the requisite objectives, including encountering the Harper traitors and infiltrating the Counting House Vault.
  • The storyline unveils that Minsc has fallen victim to being “tadpoled” and is under the influence of the Absolute. Escaping alongside a shapeshifting Jaheira, they find refuge in the sewers.

Discovering Minsc: Navigating the Abandoned Cistern Puzzle

Later in the game, your journey through the Lower City’s sewers brings you in search of Orin the Red. Irrespective of the path you take, heading west is essential. Coordinates: X = -203, Y = 867.

Here, you’ll encounter the Abandoned Cistern valve puzzle. The objective is to optimize both water and temperature levels. It’s wise to create a backup save before proceeding. Our solution to the Baldur’s Gate 3 Abandoned Cistern valve puzzle is as follows:

  • Designate a single character to operate the water valve. Click once to initiate a gradual rise in the gauge, akin to a timed “buff.”
  • Approximately five seconds later, shift to the temperature gauge and click once to expedite the temperature increase.
  • With precise timing, both levels should reach their peak simultaneously, resulting in the sluice gate opening.
  • Be cautious: maximal water and temperature levels can harm your characters. Excess water jets forth, pushing the character away, while heightened temperature triggers a localized explosion.
  • A sluice valve is also present on the left, necessitating an Athletics check to bypass. Attempted with a companion possessing 20 STR yielded no success.

Sewer Clash: Safeguarding Minsc’s Survival

Before successfully enlisting Minsc in Baldur’s Gate 3, a confrontation with him and his allies must be overcome. It’s prudent to retain a backup save. Consider the following during the battle:

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  • Render Minsc incapacitated via a non-lethal attack as the finishing blow. To execute this, access the Passives tab in your action bar and select Toggle Non-Lethal Attacks. Note that this applies only to melee weapons or unarmed strikes.
  • Minsc must not succumb to regular attacks or spells. Failing this, Jaheira departs the party permanently.
  • Minsc’s companions encompass a shape-shifting Jaheira and multiple thugs. Several perch on elevated ledges.

Countering Absolute’s Mind Control: Liberating Minsc

Following the defeat of adversaries and the non-lethal incapacitation of Minsc, a dialogue sequence ensues. Jaheira aims to rescue him, yet the Emperor Mindflayer deems Minsc’s chaos disruptive to plans. Opt for the subsequent responses to recruit Minsc in Baldur’s Gate 3:

4176583 baldurs gate 3 minsc recruit guide 3b

  • “Attempt to shield him. I must suppress my inclination.”
  • “He’s Jaheira’s comrade. Proceed.”
  • Choose either “Discovering is inadvisable” or “Outcome is inconsequential—assist him.” Electing these responses prompts the Emperor Mindflayer to safeguard Minsc’s consciousness from Absolute’s control. In short order, Minsc endeavors to breach the cistern walls. Pursue him to encounter his hamster, Boo. This introduction culminates in their permanent inclusion in your party.

Minsc’s Role as Companion

Upon Minsc’s integration into your team, his Folk Hero background and reset to level 1 are apparent. Nonetheless, his XP places him within the level 12 cap. He’s innately a Ranger, proficient in various armaments and armor. Class respec is possible, or explore our Ranger guide for viable builds.

Minsc’s jovial and quirky nature often relies on Boo’s counsel. He shares anecdotes of his past exploits alongside Jaheira and the Bhaalspawn. His perspective on fellow companions is notably entertaining.

Lastly, Minsc’s “tadpoled” status allows persuasion for acquiring Illithid Powers. Initial responses decline, but an alternative emerges, enabling utilization of the Astral-Touched Tadpole for high-tier capabilities.

In summary, this elucidates the process of enlisting Minsc in Baldur’s Gate 3, a journey marked by twists and turns, culminating in the assembly of a diverse cadre of companions.

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