Armored Core 6: How to Get Every Ending

Similar to other titles by From Software, Armored Core 6 presents diverging paths within its main storyline, leading players to distinct conclusions based on their allegiances. How can one unlock the three different endings in the game? This guide offers a comprehensive breakdown of the steps needed for each ending within Armored Core 6.

Ending 1: Liberator of Rubicon – Ayre’s Path

The Liberator of Rubicon ending is a probable outcome for many players during their initial playthrough. As the story unfolds, Ayre consistently urges players to rescue her “brothers and sisters.” She emphasizes the potential of uniting Coral with humanity rather than exploiting or destroying it.


In Chapters 3 and 4, Ayre or the RLF assign players Decision Missions, including tasks such as preventing corporate tech salvage, destroying special forces crafts, and ambushing the Vespers.

During Chapter 5, the narrative reaches a critical point with two significant Decision Missions:

  1. Intercept the Corporate Forces.
  2. Eliminate “Cinder” Carla.

Choosing to “Eliminate ‘Cinder’ Carla” is essential, as Ayre deems this action necessary to prevent Carla’s plan to destroy the Coral Convergence. Upon successfully defeating Carla, players face two final levels: “Destroy the Drive Block” and “Bring Down the Xylem.” These stages aim to thwart Carla’s intentions and culminate in a showdown against Handler Walter piloting an AC.

Defeating Walter leads to the Xylem’s crash, saving Coral as Ayre expresses gratitude and envisions a brighter coexistence between Coral and humanity. To achieve this ending, players should accept missions from Ayre and support the RLF throughout the game.

Ending 2: The Fires of Raven – Carla/Walter’s Route

The Fires of Raven ending is attainable in the first playthrough by focusing solely on missions assigned by Handler Walter or Cinder Carla, while disregarding RLF or Ayre-specific tasks. These include missions such as tunnel sabotage, eliminating enforcement squads, and intercepting Redguns.


During Chapter 5, players face another pivotal decision:

  1. Intercept the Corporate Forces.
  2. Eliminate “Cinder” Carla.

Opting to “Intercept the Corporate Forces” triggers a series of missions involving guiding the Xylem towards the Coral Convergence for a direct collision. This sequence spans “Breach the Kármán Line” and “Shut Down the Closure Satellites.” The latter mission involves a fight against an AC piloted by Ayre as the final boss.

Defeating Ayre results in the Xylem crashing into the Convergence, causing a massive explosion and transforming Rubicon into an uninhabitable planet. To achieve this ending, players should accept missions from Carla, ignore RLF and Ayre’s requests, and select “Intercept the Corporate Forces” during the critical choice.

Ending 3: Alea lacta Est – ALLMIND’s Domain

The Alea lacta Est ending is exclusively accessible in New Game++ and requires three complete playthroughs. In this ending, Analysis encounters in the arena during New Game+ and New Game++ contribute to ALLMIND’s learning from the player’s actions.

Throughout New Game++, players encounter new missions like “Obstruct the Mandatory Inspection” in Chapter 1 and “Coral Export Denial” in Chapter 3. Alterations are also present in standard missions, such as the augmented Sulla fight and replaced helicopter in Chapter 3.


In Chapter 3, ALLMIND begins sending mission requests, starting with “Coral Export Denial.” Players should focus on ALLMIND-centric missions, including “Eliminate V.III” and “Reach the Coral Convergence” in Chapter 4.

Chapter 5 brings a significant twist, replacing the mission “Reach the Coral Convergence” with “MIA.” Subsequent missions lead to “Regain Control of the Xylem,” followed by the final mission “Coral Release,” a two-phase boss fight against ALLMIND.

Vanquishing ALLMIND results in the Coral Release, creating a black hole that spreads Coral across the universe. The game concludes with Ayre revealing the presence of mechs on a different planet. To achieve this ending, players should accept missions tied to ALLMIND during their New Game++ playthrough.

In summary, the guide outlines the distinct paths for each ending in Armored Core 6, encompassing various mission choices and allegiances with characters like Ayre, Carla, and ALLMIND.

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