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Armored Core 6: How to Find the Moonlight Blade

The Moonlight Blade, a weapon etched in the memory of seasoned From Software enthusiasts, maintains its legendary status by making an appearance in every one of their games, including Armored Core 6. But the question remains: how and where can you procure this coveted weapon while navigating the expanse of Rubicon?

This article, by IGN, serves as a comprehensive guide to uncovering the Moonlight Blade within Armored Core 6, offering intricate insights into the weapon itself.

Reaching the Coral Convergence

As Chapter 4 of the campaign draws to a close, a mission dubbed “Reach the Coral Convergence” comes into play. In this mission, Walter urges you to trace the Coral supply in Institute City.


Armored Core 6 – Locating the Moonlight Blade

Midway through this mission, you’ll find yourself traversing a vast valley submerged in water, with a substantial bridge spanning the gap. Upon crossing the bridge and nearing its far end, a circular mech adorned with spinning blades hurtles toward you from the city’s ruins above. Swiftly deal with this threat, and then glance over the broken section of the bridge that juts upward.

Beneath you, amid the submerged buildings, a collection of spinning mechs can be spotted, primarily converging around a storage container (a familiar sight if you’ve explored previous levels). Should you possess potent ranged weaponry, you have the option to rain down devastation from above, thinning out the mech ranks. Subsequently, descend and eliminate any stragglers that remain.

However you opt to manage the mech adversaries, once the area is devoid of threats, you can open the container without hindrance and acquire the IA-C01W2: MOONLIGHT, also known as the Light Wave Blade – the rendition of the fabled Moonlight Sword in this game.

The Illuminating Light Wave Blade

Similar to other Blade-class weapons in Armored Core 6, the Light Wave Blade permits both a single slash and consecutive double slashes, in addition to a charged horizontal swipe. Each of these maneuvers emits radiant, lethal green waves of light aimed at your adversaries.


Statistics of the Moonlight Blade

 Attack Potency: 615  Impact: 495  Consecutive Hits: 2  Weight: 2200  EN Load: 544

Obtaining the Karasawa

The Karasawa, a weapon steeped in legend, maintains a presence in every Armored Core installment (akin to the Moonlight Blade). Its remarkable potential for damage sets it apart. But the question lingers: how do you actually lay your hands on it?

This article offers a comprehensive breakdown of the process to secure the Karasawa (KRSV) within Armored Core 6.

Securing the KRSV

Unlike the numerous parts accessible through chests and containers strewn across various levels, the 44-142 KRSV, Armored Core 6’s rendition of the Karasawa, doesn’t fall under this category. Instead, the Karasawa can be obtained via the game’s LOGHUNT program.

Achieving this requires reaching LOGHUNT Rank 12, a feat necessitating a complete playthrough and the acquisition of Combat Logs within each level (accessible via the Replay Mission menu). Moreover, progressing into a New Game+ playthrough becomes imperative to unlock extra missions harboring more Combat Logs that contribute to elevating your LOGHUNT Rank (up to 15).


The Essence of the KRSV

The 44-142 KRSV earns its classification as a ‘<meta />’Multi Energy Rifle’, exclusively in Armored Core 6. Crafted by ALLMIND, this weapon possesses the capability to unleash laser, plasma, and amalgamated fire options. Its dual-stage charging system offers the choice of immediate or fully charged firing for maximal damage output.

While the base damage might appear modest (especially when juxtaposed with Karasawa models from earlier AC titles), the potency of the Fully Charged Attack Power remains unparalleled. Hence, to wield the weapon to its utmost potential, favoring fully charged shots is often the strategy. The weapon’s complete specifications are as follows:

 Attack Potency – 312  Impact – 112  Total Rounds – 80  Weight – 10,120  EN Load – 707

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