Armored Core 6: How to Beat the BALTEUS

Armored Core 6 features a range of challenging encounters, but the final Chapter 1 battle against BALTEUS is especially formidable. By the time you engage in this fight, you’ve amassed a solid assortment of AC parts and had the chance to refine your playstyle. However, the BALTEUS battle serves as a litmus test for your skills and adaptability, demanding swift reflexes, rapid learning, and a healthy dose of patience. This guide will outline strategies for conquering BALTEUS in Armored Core 6.

Strategies for Defeating BALTEUS in Armored Core 6

To emerge victorious against BALTEUS, you must prioritize three factors: maximizing damage output, showcasing exceptional reflexes, and maintaining patience. The battle comprises two phases, with BALTEUS adopting more aggressive tactics and introducing new attacks during the second phase. It’s essential to breach the boss’s shield to inflict real damage, but this window only lasts about twenty seconds.

A recommended approach is to equip your AC’s left arm with a blade melee weapon, utilizing the double slash to chip away at around one-third of BALTEUS’s shield. A charged attack is also effective for this purpose. At the start of the encounter, dash in for a double slash and quickly retreat to evade the boss’s initial missile barrage. For your arsenal, consider a linear rifle, a back-mounted laser cannon, and a vertical missile launcher. Concentrate on charging the rifle while keeping the laser cannon ready for immediate use.

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While energy-based weapons, especially the charged linear rifle, can be effective at shattering BALTEUS’s shield, the key lies in capitalizing on openings. Although the missile onslaught might appear incessant, the boss exhibits moments of vulnerability where it momentarily halts or exposes its weak points. These instances are crucial and will be discussed further in the attack breakdown.

Staying close to BALTEUS is imperative, as firing from a medium distance leads to shots bouncing off its shields and armor. This proximity challenge intensifies in the second phase, during which BALTEUS employs a sweeping fire melee move combined with shotgun blasts, capable of staggering your AC.

In essence, defeating BALTEUS necessitates employing all available strategies and maintaining considerable patience. While initially formidable, the fight becomes conquerable through persistence and repeated learning.

armroed core 6 how to beat BALTEUS phase one

Understanding the Attack Patterns

  1. Full Barrage: BALTEUS deploys its missile bays in all directions, launching homing missiles. Dodging solely in one direction or attempting to pass through the barrage is ineffective. A recommended approach involves strafing left or right and quickly boosting in the opposite direction to ground most missiles. Following this attack, BALTEUS becomes momentarily vulnerable, offering a chance for close-range assault.
  2. Retreat and Missile: After the full barrage, BALTEUS retreats and fires a single large missile. An audio cue and a visual indicator on BALTEUS precede the missile launch. Evade at the last moment to avoid both the missile’s blast and its lingering hitbox. Successful evasion creates an opening for counterattack.
  3. Boost Away: A follow-up to the full barrage, BALTEUS activates boosters and jets away rapidly. Predict its direction before the boost, then move accordingly. After the boost, BALTEUS takes a brief recovery period, creating an opportunity for offense.
  4. Instant Missile: Proximity to BALTEUS triggers an unexpected missile launch from its arm launcher. Absence of sound cues and a challenging-to-spot visual tell makes this attack particularly dangerous. Avoid lingering too close to BALTEUS, as it might respond with multiple missile strikes or potent melee attacks.
  5. Vertical/Horizontal Missiles: BALTEUS deploys vertical or horizontal missiles, with the option of proceeding to a full barrage. When the latter is omitted, a brief damage window opens as BALTEUS hovers momentarily.
  6. Fly-by Shooting: BALTEUS swoops by while firing a machine gun. Sidestepping is effective in dodging this attack, but retaliation opportunities are limited.

Phase 2 Attacks

When BALTEUS’s health reaches approximately 50% (possibly 60%), it initiates phase 2. Ayre warns of escalating waves, followed by a massive energy explosion causing substantial damage. Retreat is necessary to avoid harm. After the explosion, phase 2 commences, granting BALTEUS access to its phase 1 attacks alongside the following additions:

armroed core 6 how to beat BALTEUS phase two

  1. Flame Slash into Double Shotgun: Phase 2 begins with BALTEUS launching a diagonal flame slash followed by two powerful shotgun blasts. Maintaining distance during the flame slash and evading the shotguns is advisable.
  2. Single into Double Slash: BALTEUS executes a horizontal flame blade slash followed by a dual-blade slash. Swiftly jump over the horizontal slash and dodge away from the double slash to evade damage.
  3. Diagonal Double Slash: BALTEUS hovers and charges forward with a diagonal flame blade attack, then follows with the other blade. Positioning yourself beneath BALTEUS negates this move. Seizing this chance enables close-quarters attacks.
  4. Flaming Floor: BALTEUS directs its flamethrowers downward, enveloping a substantial area in flames. This attack inflicts substantial ongoing damage. Staying airborne is the key to avoiding damage. Being caught without energy is perilous.
  5. Flamethrower: BALTEUS employs its flamethrowers directly at you, projecting a line of flames. Swift movement allows evasion, paving the way for close-quarters attacks or ranged damage.

In conclusion, triumphing over BALTEUS demands a blend of tactics, deftness, and strategic decision-making. While the encounter may seem daunting, persistence and comprehension of attack patterns will ultimately lead to victory.

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