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Armored Core 6: How to Beat Sea Spider

Finding it challenging to overcome the formidable Sea Spider boss in Armored Core 6? In Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon, you’ll encounter numerous tough adversaries, and the Sea Spider is undeniably one of the most formidable foes. With its imposing size and devastating Coral-powered attacks, this monstrous creation can swiftly dispatch unprepared players.

In this guide, we’ll delve into effective strategies and tips to help you conquer the Sea Spider in Armored Core 6. By this point, you’ve likely faced off against Balteus, the Smart Cleaner, and Sulla. Even if you haven’t defeated them all and stumbled upon this guide, by videogamer, we also provide advice on dealing with those bosses.

Opt for a Long-Range Build

While various tactics can be employed against any boss, Armored Core emphasizes the importance of diversifying your mech builds and experimenting with different strategies, and this holds true for the Sea Spider. This boss is relentlessly aggressive and surprisingly well-protected. Engaging it in close combat is risky, as a single melee attack can significantly deplete your health, and dodging its powerful cannon shots is exceedingly challenging. The most menacing move in its arsenal is its machine gun bursts.

armored core 6 laser volley

The Sea Spider can unleash these bursts from any direction, using them as an anti-personnel tactic. Evading them requires precise side-dodging at specific intervals, which can be quite tricky. What makes this attack particularly hazardous is how swiftly it can stun you. In combination with its other moves, the Sea Spider can easily trap players in a stun lock if they make a mistake.

Therefore, it’s strongly recommended to design your Armored Core (AC) for long-range combat when facing the Sea Spider. Reserve close-range or melee attacks for moments when the boss is stunned, but exercise caution with your positioning and agility. Since melee options usually offer effective stunning capabilities, replace them with high-damage, posture-breaking weaponry, such as grenade launchers, rockets, laser cannons, or rapid-fire missile launchers.

Maintain Distance and Utilize Flight

After customizing your AC to a build that suits you, remember to maintain a safe distance from the Sea Spider. At long range, its most devastating attacks become easier to evade. You can dodge these attacks or use the arena’s cover to shield yourself from some of the worst damage. More importantly, maintaining distance allows your posture bar to recover after taking damage. This is crucial because a successful stun by the boss can lead to a rapid closing of the distance between you and the Sea Spider.

Additionally, make the most of flight whenever possible. In the first phase of the battle, flight prevents the Sea Spider from reaching you with most of its attacks and provides excellent opportunities to maximize your damage output. In the second phase, flight helps create additional distance from the Sea Spider’s destructive area-of-effect explosions, which should be avoided at all costs.

armored core 6 sea spider boss guide long range rocket hit

Learn to Handle the Deadliest Attacks

As mentioned earlier, the Sea Spider possesses several devastating attacks that can easily end your run. Being able to counter these moves significantly enhances your chances of survival. Here are the key moves to watch for and how to deal with them:

  1. Coral Cannon Shots: The Sea Spider fires two to four shots from its top-mounted cannon, each causing substantial damage. The best defense is dodging. Slow down when you notice the power-up that precedes this attack, as you’ll need enough energy to perform the dodges. Time your dodges so that they occur within the first second of the shot firing, as moving earlier might backfire and lock you in place during the brief recovery period between dodges.
  2. Coral Cannon Laser: The Sea Spider releases a sweeping laser across the arena. You have two options: if you’re close enough to the boss, the shot won’t reach you. Alternatively, move along a trajectory as the shot charges, then quickly change direction (e.g., move vertically up or strafe hard left). The laser will track the initial flight path and follow that arc, and its sweep isn’t excessively long or thorough, allowing you to easily evade it.
  3. Two-Pronged Melee Slam: The Sea Spider raises its front legs, enveloping them in coral, and then slams them down for a deadly area-of-effect attack. If you’re far enough away, ascend into the air rapidly. However, be aware that since it raises its limbs overhead before the slam, you could still be caught by the move if you don’t create enough vertical clearance in time. Alternatively, boost or dodge directly beneath the Sea Spider as it approaches, ensuring you land safely away from the attack.
  4. Overcharged Machine Gun Volleys: In the second phase, the Sea Spider intermittently releases larger and faster barrages of small arms fire. This can quickly stun you if enough bullets hit. The best solution is to maintain your distance, rendering this attack ineffective.
  5. Coral Annihilation: During the second phase, the Sea Spider unleashes a colossal laser shot from its underside cannon, resulting in a massive fireball explosion. The only safe course of action here is to put considerable distance between you and the boss. There’s a noticeable telegraph for this attack, so as long as you remain airborne, it’s relatively easy to avoid.
  6. Spinning Charge: As a last-ditch effort, the Sea Spider charges toward you in the second phase. By this point, victory may be within reach. If you have spare pulse armor or repair kits, utilize them here. Otherwise, reserve enough energy to execute dodges and boosts to clear the boss’s path.

Sustain a Steady Damage Output

The Sea Spider maintains a relentless offensive, making it exceptionally dangerous. To alleviate some of this pressure and create opportunities, focus on consistently dealing damage to stun the boss. With the right long-range weapons, this can be achieved relatively easily. Rocket launchers, for instance, are an excellent choice due to their ample ammunition, extended range, high damage output, and substantial posture damage. Moreover, their effectiveness is amplified by the boss’s size, making it easier to land consistent hits.

armored core 6 sea spider boss guide flying over boss

Strategically Use Repair Kits

Repair kits are your lifeline during boss battles. When fighting the Sea Spider, carefully consider when and how you use them. Comparatively, the first phase of the battle poses less damage potential than the second phase. A hit in the former can be detrimental, while a hit in the latter might result in defeat. Try to conserve your repair kits until later in the battle, ideally refraining from using them until your health bar enters the red zone. Entering the second phase with at least one repair kit significantly improves your chances of enduring and achieving victory.

Recommended AC Parts for Battling the Sea Spider

Throughout this guide, we’ve emphasized the importance of thoughtful AC customization as a vital strategy for this battle. Here’s a breakdown of specific parts we recommend and why they are suitable choices for your build:

DF-BA-06 XUAN-GE Bazooka: This rocket launcher offers excellent range, high poise damage for stunning, and a relatively fast reload time compared to its power and size.

DF-GA-08 HU-BEN Gatling Gun: With its rapid fire rate, large magazine capacity, and reliable poise and conventional damage output during sustained fire from medium range, this weapon serves as an excellent choice for maintaining offensive pressure and preventing posture damage recovery.

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