Armored Core 6: How To Attack the Watchpoint

Prepare for a formidable challenge in Armored Core VI as you delve into the pivotal mission “Attack the Watchpoint,” which marks the climax of Chapter 1. Our comprehensive guide, by IGN, will equip you with optimal strategies to conquer this mission, including the daunting final boss encounter. Along this journey, you’ll also secure a valuable Gold Combat Log.

Your mission, assigned by Handler Walter, entails infiltrating the Watchpoint facility to neutralize the central device. Negotiating artillery weaponry and confronting a succession of guard squads aligned with the planetside PCA force will be necessary. The mission unfolds under the shroud of darkness.

Approaching from a man-made island on the facility’s outskirts, don’t fret about falling into the water – it’s easily navigable. Prioritize resistance against explosive damage using MELANDER frame components, coupled with energy-based armaments like dual Plasma Rifles and Plasma Missile Launchers.


The Sector 1 vicinity is guarded by two formidable laser cannons, demanding your immediate attention. Utilize the available structures for cover as you advance toward the left side of the adjacent platform to flank the initial cannon. Should you opt for Plasma Rifles, become adept at employing single, uncharged shots to target a range of threats. After eliminating the six MTs, access to Sector 2 will be unlocked.

Before progressing, locate a Data Log submerged near the second artillery cannon. Then, identify the Data Log atop the large structure along your route.


Sector 2 presents a valley-like expanse, featuring significant exposure within the central passage. Handler Walter emphasizes the vulnerability to snipers from all angles. As previously, prioritize disabling the artillery cannons. Maintain movement and engage the snipers in a sequence that suits your approach.

The intensity escalates in Sector 3 as you approach the heart of the Watchpoint facility. AC Entangle, piloted by Sulla, acts as the initial line of defense.

Sulla, an assertive mercenary, wields unconventional weaponry including a Detonating Bazooka and Pulse Gun. The Pulse Gun releases pulsating energy projectiles in a cone-shaped pattern. Additionally, Sulla deploys Plasma and Detonating Missiles as rear weapons.

Consider enticing Sulla to descend to the water level beneath the bridge that led you here. Cornering him against a wall will facilitate accurate Plasma Rifle shots.

Elevation grants Sulla advantage with the Bazooka, while close proximity prompts forceful kicks. With his final words, he warns against Watchpoint, rewarding you with a Gold Combat Log.

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The central device is dismantled, yet a colossal Coral eruption ensues beneath you. Amidst the darkness, a female voice – Ayre, a Rubiconian – delivers cryptic remarks before urging you to awaken, averting your consciousness from dispersing into the Coral flow.

Upon regaining awareness, you find yourself atop the circular structure from which Sulla emerged, immediately targeted by the most formidable boss encountered thus far.

Engaging the Watchpoint Boss

Guide to Conquering the BALTEUS Boss

BALTEUS, an autonomous PCA craft devoid of a pilot, boasts a diverse arsenal that can be overwhelming. Your newfound ally, Ayra, assumes a guiding role during this encounter, setting a distinctive tone. The battle hinges on depleting BALTEUS’s Pulse Shield before inflicting damage, mirroring the shielded final adversary in the “Investigate BAWS Arsenal No. 2” mission.

Embrace an assertive strategy at medium range, employing a barrage of Plasma Rockets while delivering precision Plasma Rifle shots when certain hits are assured. Victory will conclude Chapter 1, propelling you into the next chapter.

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