All Fortnite Gnome Locations

All Fortnite Gnome Locations

In Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 5, also known as Fortnite OG, you can discover all Fortnite Gnome locations throughout the island, reminiscent of the olden days. The quest menu won’t provide clues about their locations, and they only show up on your mini-map when you’re nearby, making them easy to miss. However, you won’t want to overlook them, as each gnome you find rewards you with 20,000 XP, which is equivalent to completing a daily bonus goal.

This is a great opportunity to earn more XP points preferably with your friends on the same couch, while using the split-screen on PS4 or something like that.

All Fortnite Gnome Locations – Fortnite OG

We’ve marked the approximate areas on the map if you’re interested in some exploration. As you approach the location of a gnome, you’ll observe a white “!” symbol that appears on your screen. This symbol will be displayed above the head of each gnome throughout the map, so be vigilant and watch for it.

Here are the locations of the gnomes:

  1. Positioned headfirst into the ground in front of a crashed bus to the northeast of Shift Shafts and to the west of Salty Springs.
  2. Located in the northern section of Dusty Divot, casually reclining on an inflatable in the middle of a pond.
  3. Found in the northern part of Risky Reels, having a meal at a table behind a blue/green van.
  4. Confined within a cage in a hedge maze within Wailing Woods.
  5. Perched on the eastern cliff edge of Paradise Palm, facing two tombstones.
  6. Seated on a chair by the water in the northeastern part of Lonely Lodge, seemingly unfazed by the “no fishing” sign.
  7. Relaxing on an armchair at the base of the Moai statue in Greasy Grove, being admired by teddy bears.
  8. Close to the sheet metal llama statue in Junk Junction.
  9. Enjoying a tea party with teddy bears behind a wall inside the mine at Shift Shafts (look out for the white “!” point symbol to help pinpoint this one).
  10. Located in the southern portion of Pleasant Park.

You can also look at this map to see All Fortnite Gnome Locations easier:

All Fortnite Gnome Locations

Be sure to stay vigilant for the “!” symbol, as it proves incredibly useful in locating them. Additionally, remember that you’ll receive a substantial 20,000 XP for each gnome you gather. Once collected, these gnomes do not appear to reappear, so once you’ve found all 10, there’s no need to search for them again.

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