How to beat Nightingale boss in Alan Wake 2 cover

Alan Wake 2: How to Beat Nightingale

Nightingale is the initial adversary Saga confronts in Alan Wake 2, making it essential to grasp the combat mechanics required to overcome him. To assist you, we’ve outlined the tactics for defeating Nightingale in Alan Wake 2, along with some general combat pointers that can be applied to various situations.

For this specific encounter, it’s beneficial to utilize the sawed-off shotgun. If you haven’t acquired it yet, you can refer to our General Store code page for instructions on obtaining it.

How to Defeat Nightingale in Alan Wake 2

After collecting two manuscript pages, locating Nightingale’s FBI badge, and traversing the narrow passage in The Overlap, you’re ready to face Alan Wake 2’s inaugural boss: Nightingale.

The most critical advice is to target Nightingale’s Source Point when it’s exposed, but only after breaking his darkness shield with your flashlight. Source Points are discernible as red-glowing areas on an enemy, with Nightingale’s Source Point situated in his chest.

Our recommendation is to use the sawed-off shotgun when Nightingale’s Source Point becomes visible and switch to the pistol when at a distance to evade his attacks. This strategy ensures you inflict substantial damage while conserving ammunition and safeguarding yourself.

After inflicting a significant amount of damage, Nightingale will vanish, but he’ll reappear shortly. Always remember to lower Nightingale’s darkness shield upon his return before opening fire.

Should a red or black whirlwind manifest after Nightingale vanishes, promptly retreat in the opposite direction. Rest assured, there’s enough space to evade the whirlwinds, as this area forms a loop.

On the standard difficulty setting, we had to make Nightingale vanish four times to emerge victorious.

If you’re finding it challenging to stay alive during the battle, consider the following additional tips for conquering Nightingale in Alan Wake 2:

• Don’t forget to weaken Nightingale’s shield by boosting your flashlight before opening fire. • Boosting the flashlight can temporarily stun Nightingale after his shield has been lowered. • Ammo can be found on the ground and inside red boxes around the boss area if you’re running low. • In case you run out of ammunition entirely, you can execute melee attacks on Nightingale by pressing the shoot button without aiming. • Dodge if you’re unable to avoid Nightingale’s attacks swiftly. • If Nightingale grabs you, break free by rapidly pressing the button displayed below Saga, though be mindful that this depletes your flashlight battery. • Prior to commencing the battle, equip healing items and weapons to the quick select menu for quicker access.

Wishing you the best of luck in your battle against Nightingale in Alan Wake 2!

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